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Anais Vionet Mar 2023
Here’s a playlist, Mr. Ex President:

'I Fought the Law' by The Clash
'Chain Gang' by The Pretenders
'Locked Up' by Akon
'My Own Prison' by Creed
'Prisoner' by The Weeknd
'Famous-in-A-Small-Town' by Miranda Lambert
'FatMan on the Run' by Paul McCartney & Wings
'Jailhouse Rock' by Elvis Presley
'Prison Grove' by Warren Zevon
‘Who’s Sorry Now’ by Connie Francis
‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ by Cher

If convicted, Trump should claim to identify as a woman
An overcast autumn sky settled in
and fall let loose. Uncertain, lose it.

Use it.
I had strange dreams of you last night
actually. It's been some time

since I dreamed about anyone
realmente. Bring out all the carotenoids and anthocyanins,

Bring down the foliage; America is an empire in decline.
X is the new Y.
These waning years I find solace in an old joke:
Consciousness is only a problem
if you think about it.
Chelsea Dec 2020
Wake up, wake up
The Whole World Is Watching
And your skin is crawling
I wonder why it's
Bubbling, boiling
Is it alive or am I?
Lifting the digital lid to let them in
Feeds that feed my insatiable hunger
For what my ex is doing now
Soon becomes irrelevant
When people are dying

Who will lose their life
In front of the next camera?
Why does it take so much
Just to open our eyes ?
Just to listen, just
Sit down
Get off him, please


I don’t want to hear another mother
Crying for her son
Another wife sister brother
I don’t want to watch their children
Learn why their daddy died
I don’t want to be this detached
From loss of life because I’ve lost my life
I don’t want to hear from a clown
Or discuss his position, even his mind
I refuse him my energy
I know big and he is the smallest
What is a President
Sorry, who?
What government
The one that destroys us?
Puts everyone in in cages, our strongest men, our brightest children
Makes us watch
From our couches
From our desks
Because we are that good at multitasking
Pillaging, ******, recognizing
Shrugging and closing the door
The powerful people killing real people of power
Of using color to teach color and power flowing
To keep it going
What does it mean
To put a human beneath you
We were not made for this
But we built it anyway
Was I made for this?
I don’t want to be here
God, I am lucky to be here
I am here

And it doesn’t take long
Not to be
Mitch Prax Jul 2020
I love you
louder than
the city that never sleeps.
New York,
it's got nothing on us,
Puck Jun 2020
At night as I lie awake I beg
To let me live as many lives
As there are stars in the sky
I want to experience it all but all I know is the ceiling of my cage
Vladimir Lionter May 2020
I like December New-York by all soul’s fibres
Inspiration is hovering in the air
When holiday admiration is Christmas
And joy’s agitation is pleasant there.
The winter day’s so great in the Central Park
And almost for attire is its paradise.
They are playing country music as if Roy Clark
Were here with talented artists’ dozens.
Wonderful is always view in Fifth Avenue,
As is Holliwoods films were on farther.
And Daniel’s has so tasteful menu,
Thus the Big Apple is one big wonder.

Я так люблю декабрьский Нью-Йорк,
Ведь в воздухе витает вдохновенье,
Рождественский предпраздничный восторг
И радости приятное волненье!
Зимой прекрасен очень Central Park –
Природный рай почти для урбанистов!
Играют кантри будто сам Рой Кларк
Здесь дюжины талантливых артистов!
Чудесен вид на Пятой Авеню –
Как будто ты в кино из Голливуда!
Тут в Daniel’e вкусное меню –
Большое Яблоко – одно большое чудо!

Translator - I. Toporov
Nat Lipstadt Apr 2020
I’ll tell you. You can hear it on the map.

At the window, on the terraces,
clapping, yelling, cheering,
jiggling piggy banks, blowing toy horns,
banging pots and pans, even ringing
some gone-very-far-astray cowbells.

in their cars, honking horns,
at the dinner table, inside,
families with little kids cheering,
while supper super cools, no matter.

It is the moment of our everyday,
when we thank those whose who
risk their lives to save, so we may survive
to live to see our children’s children thrive.

the EMT’s, doctors, nurses, firemen,
the police, even the subway & bus drivers,
who take them to their jobs, and honor with
extra banging and unsilenced tears for

those who have passed in performance,
their unseen courage is marked on our eyes,
their extraordinary service to us is a forever
medaled upon our skin, in our lungs, it is
their air we breathe, freely...
our living keepsake of their duty.

Gorba Mar 2020
Det var en gång
En man bestämde sig
att lämna allt bakom sig
För att söka framgång

Det var en gång
En man åkte till en främmande stad
Bara för att han hade tillstånd
Och hört om den på en verkstad

Det var en gång
En man hamnade
I en värld mer mystisk
Än han trodde

Det var en gång
En man som försökte
Vänja sig vid kulturen
Hamnade vilsen

Det var en gång
En man tänkte sig
Att åka tillbaka
Varifrån han kom

Det var en gång
En man föredrog
Att stanna lite längre
För att utforska mer och bättre

Det började som en saga
Man vet inte riktigt hur eller när det kommer sluta
Men mannen förväntar sig
Att i framtiden kunna dela med sig

Av att han levde lycklig i flesta av sina dagar
Med sina gamla och nya kompisar
Kanske med några barn
Men troligen med kärlek.
PrttyBrd Dec 2019
bartering time for money, wasting it on love
or vice versa

rationalizing choices in white rabbit pocket watch anxiety
a pound of flesh to sell off a soul in limited real estate high yield *******

not a single serving available to nourish the mind
after insipid, ear-bleeding monologue conversations

compiling minutes into days suffered
always searching for that quick high, down to the wire bout of auto-****** asphyxiation

in diamond pressure ulcers born in
self-induced, great expectations
that look like strangers in the distance

the breadcrumbs that resemble the stain of dreams
feed the drama that knows the only truth

the hollow cannot be filled with a diet of Xanax and double shot espresso
dancing through norms on marionette strings

bartering time for love, wasting it on money
or vice versa
when time is all we possess

wondering, if once that currency is depleted,
will your soul finally feel complete
Cox Jul 2019
I stand here in the city.
The tall buildings tower over me,
And the wind cascades around me.

The children and people wear fur coats.
I wear Gucci.
They smell like whiskey and cigarettes,
But I pay no attention.

I see the lights that the city visions,
I hear the cries that the city screams.

It was perfect.  

Because I was here amongst the skyscrapers,
And within the atmosphere of life.
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