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PoserPersona May 2018
The mind and heart switch roles
          For reasons to stay untold

                               Silently screaming chest
                    Racing and quivering head

      Thoughts whip light speed modest
Body barely leaves its bed

          Unhappy for nothing
               Motivated for nothing

                    Paralyzing deadlocks,
                  Anxiety's Paradoxes
Form is supposed to be a twister or whirlwind. Hoping that's apparent before you read this lol.
Pineapple Isle Aug 2017
Could I write
to **** out the poison
that paralyzes me?
I'm considering adding "and makes me feel ill" at the end. I can't decide which way I like it better.
Wyatt Aug 2016
This feeling's paralyzing,
I can barely get the words out.
Please reach out to me,
because I feel like my time's running out.
I want to live in love and spread happiness,
but I feel it slowly running out.
I get into a place in my head
where I feel so scared and vulnerable.

If it makes any sense,
I'd wish I could be with you.
At least then I wouldn't be alone,
at least then I wouldn't have to feel this alone.
I'm calling out, I'm calling out to you.
If I have to go on like this,
then I'll only grow in my doubts.
I can't feel like I used to
because I'm too different.
I'm in such constant desperation,
I can't even get the right words out
to accurately describe myself
and it's so frustrating.
This feeling's paralyzing.
This feeling's paralyzing.
KL Taguiam Jan 2016
Him: "I'm afraid. Afraid of rejection."

And this is what I told him: "Then you're just subjecting yourself to something that has little or no value. Rejection is nothing but a notion. A norm. Just a word. But we are afraid of it because we give it power. Power to scare us witless. We become fools. Afraid of our own illusions. Only we can break it. Break the illusion, break the fear, break the norm, break rejection."
I just want to help him realize that fear won't do you any good. It will just paralyze you and make you numb. I don't want that. I want him and other people to see beyond fear and look at something far more beautiful.
WistfulHope Feb 2015
The sky bleeds into my hair
Sunset leaks into my eyes
In this moment I look changed
He asked me to stay in this
Moment with so many words
Where my hair is more gold
My eyes are caramel not black
And my smile shines bright
But I let the sun slip down past
The horizon because I was
Afraid so he left for his future
While I stayed drowning in
Our past now I don't want to let
It slip away this time,
                                      *into the snow...
Your twentieth birthday is soon
and I'm no longer your favorite one to lie to.

— The End —