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Natassia Serviss Sep 2018
Take my tongue and speak my new chorus,
Let my skin absorb this.
Shoot down my hopes from the skies above.
Let me drown in the oils from the place I want to be free of.
Brand my thigh with the rods of this fire.
Resting deep down inside my chest with the resent for the new pyre;
Breaking the bones of my collar that shine blue in luxury.
Shaping my future back into a void from discovery.
Eat my heart from the rips in my company.
I let this story in,
I let the wheels spin;
Like the youth yelling a wasted truth.
When the effort outweighs the gain;
As if the world exists to let you drive the wrong lane.
To fight any adversity,
Even if there is no such thing that exists blocking their sea.
The waves keep crashing and they create more violent drops.
This world won’t allow their daily hobbies to evade natures stops;
Crafting the clouds is difficult when you use such ugly means.
Purpose is lost when you let your life live behind your amphetamines.
thats how its spelled in the name
Natassia Serviss Jan 2018
Run away with me,
Through the rivers and across the sea.
My legs leave foam.
Past the shore line,
Scales past my hips and up my spine.
Bubble my seaweed,
Let my song cause your ears to bleed.
Run away from the life you hate.
Remove your soul from here for a clean slate.
Dance through the tides and down the stream.
Return the stones we've cast and learn what they mean.
Run away from the love and the words,
Because I may love you but if you'd like then I'd give myself to the birds.
For your happiness,
For my soul,
Where anything else but you would be something I'd want so much less.
I want his happiness more than mine and that might be my downfall but I hope that makes me a good person. Naive, maybe.
Natassia Serviss Jan 2018
Maybe I fall too easy,
That might me my problem.
The spiral that which makes me so dizzy,
it doesn't appear to have a bottom
My chest screams a restless dream.
My love is my only fissure.
A small fault in my otherwise sturdy fortress.
Your lips escape this light little splinter.
Under my nails I can feel a heart broken chorus.
I can feel the ice overcome every vein.
With words so sharp, you glide right through me.
On my heart is a stain.
Whether you say you love me or not,
I'll still think it's the most beautiful spot.
I asked him if he loved me and he didn't say yes and he didn't say no
Natassia Serviss Jan 2018
I never felt like a hopeless romantic.
I was more hopeless.
My echoed gears turned the oil blood sick.
Burnt rubber following a dim lit haze.  
Unbolted and unburdened with only you to praise.
Soft thoughts of him, a daily occurrence.
Natassia Serviss Dec 2017
Cradled minds in ruptured beds.
My twisted dreams run through my head.
Rear-end crashes with dark lit chases.
It's been so long since they showed my races.
Pavlov concepts in my daily words.
I try to conceal my dreams because they could build swords.
You’d cut me down if I spoke the wrong things,
It'd be my fault because I gave away my wings.
I want to be grounded here next to you.
I lived for my mother and father and sometimes I lived through.
I lived for the sunlight rising in windows.
Sadness crept into every smile in my photos.
Swept in from the wind you came riding.
Still despairing I greeted you with what I knew about flying.
Hoping you stay with me through the days.
Now I live for the lovely words you might say.
On top of my heart will rest this book of fears,
The pages are tattered and ancient.
Full of such terrors that escape me only in the darkness of your bed,
These horrors that I thought would only leave me when I was dead.
I know I don't live for you.
I know I love you.
This nightmare became an adventure the second I saw the sun.
Resting was in the daytime to save me from the darkness that had always won.
Steel made from my chest.
Iron into only the best.
I hope you take these weapons I forged without you.
This ammunition for the machine that rippled through my senses.
The blades that butterfly my heart with every syllable I accidentally utter,
Such wings that will never flutter.
I hope all these mines I plant are ones you can see.
I hope you never use these weapons on me.
sometimes i talk too long about nothing at all that means nothing but might mean something to someone else and I've never learned when to not incriminate myself. I don't live for you, yet.
Natassia Serviss Nov 2017
I used to think I was starving for love.
There was a gnawing pain in my chest.
My tears fell from above
While my nerves felt shocked and pressed.
My body under pressure
Turning me into a diamond one day.
I felt starved.
I felt bordered by such labels.
Now I think I’m insatiable.
Your love to fuel me.
When I drove to you the sky is always beautiful.
My new diamond edge cuts through my old walls.
Now with you I’m vulnerable
Because I’ve always recovered from my falls.
Natassia Serviss Nov 2017
When I look upon my path
All I can see is light
I feel a beating in my chest
But it's never felt quite right
The sounds will echo in my hollow head
The sounds will remain until I'm dead
An opportunity to climb the ladder
A door opened with success in sight
My heart can't help but feel sadder
My lungs run out of air
The will to continue has always been my swear
But what can I do when my legs go numb
When the thought of being without makes me feel bare
My hands will sweat
My heart will race and in that moment I'll care
Still I won't know
And maybe I'll never feel what I've imagined
And maybe I'll remain too scared to tell what happened
I'm privileged
I'm supported
But that's not going to change it
That feeling of hatred
That inadequacy
I'll still feel like a ghost
I'll still feel wasted.
Those dreams of warmth
My dreams of hope
They leave a crack in me
They leave a hole of frost behind
I need that warmth
Because maybe in time I'll be less than anyone can see
That's not a promise or a threat
It's my prediction
It's my fear that I'll never forget
I was really focused on doing good then. Something I can still relate to. Written in 2013
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