aviisevil Jul 2017

O' K    AVI  
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I wish I was more than what I turned out to be,
I wish I was who they always wanted me to be
another lie in this sea of corpses hanging on to each other,
without any dreams or sight,

I wish I was as dark as night,
so they could see the flaws in every light,
I wish there was no need to pretend that I am no one yet,
but they know not to forget,
what they once wanted me to be,
I wish I was free in this world locked in chains and scars,
I wish I wasn't a machine and had a heart,

that everything was more beautiful than how they claim,
these empty words that fall down on my conscience like winters rain,
forming icicles that dangle over my head waiting for me to speak,
I wish I was weak,
so I could give in to their desire and leave,

tear a hole in my head and bleed 
every thought they want to murder
I wish I was young again,
so, I could be afraid of the things beneath my bed,
instead of the voices inside my head,
I wish I was dead,
so they could stop counting my every breath,

I am not, what I have always pretended to be,
I am too cold, and they are too old,
to see,
beyond the rainbow where colours still dance in peace,
I wish I could leave,
I wish I could breathe,
in this hollow they call my home,
I'm so alone,
wandering inside my head all alone,

I wish I could mourn but I won't,
it is I who chose not to wage war on the strangers,
that have made me a prisoner within my own skin,
I wish I wasn't always burning,
for I cannot feel the pain no more.

https://soundcloud.com/aviisevil/my-confessions for the full track.
aviisevil Jul 2017

https://soundcloud.com/aviisevil/lyrical-in-genuis ( visit this link )

Alison Latres Jan 2017

My world is a harmonious chorus

With lyrics that hit home
And words that write themselves
Through emotion and dictation

With pitches which ring the highs
And lows, and discarded melodies
That cannot meet your ears
but are thrown away

My galaxy is a musical gathering

With piano keys that hiss
Out of tune, yet with such perfect
Imperfections that apply heartache

And guitar strings that strum
Their sounds will scream
until they're just right

My universe is an audible constellation

With manuscripts and papers
Scattered on the floorboards
And words are unwritten;

Inspiration feels abound
And everything begs
to be expressed

My home is a rhythmic dance

And I love it so.

Graff1980 Jul 2016

Listen to America? by graff1980 #np on #SoundCloud

Paul Hansford May 2016

The last words of the lines of this sonnet are the same as those of a sonnet by Edna St Vincent Millay, "What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why...".  There is no other connection between the two poems.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I cannot sleep tonight, and you know why.
You know how many weary hours I've lain
upon my bed and listened to the rain
lashing the window, and the mournful sigh
the wind makes. You have heard mine in reply.
I know you know the reason for my pain.
I know you know why, over and again,
I've wept out loud. I know you saw me cry
as I remembered carving on that tree
your name and mine. You were the only one
I needed then. You know, just as before,
how much I need you yet, but you have gone.
Only your spirit now still lives in me,
and I can never hope for any more.

Audio recording of this poem read by myself is available on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRZx5oNwt70&feature;=youtu.be
shåi Apr 2016

two bodies
pausing in virtual realities
colors tangle
as love falls



sotp: we were in love - ta-ku

You punched your mother in the face for trans rights.
you're really moving up
found out you had herpes,
want to switch majors
skip town
leave your girlfriend and move in
with the affair
Good job.
you thought it was all an uphill from the bottom
like a country song
lost your grandma
lost your daughter
lost your job.
the roller coaster isn't that simple.
you'll lose your whole life here, kid.
go get tested, you'll figure it out.

smoke cigarettes, get a psychiatrist.
have another panic attack, they're good for ya.
punch your mother in the face, don't even get locked up
count the cuts on your hands
watch the blood pool around your knuckles

you did it because she wouldn't let you call your partner "they".
"Call her an It if you have to, just not they."
well you should have taken that as signature.
left her there wrong.
been higher and mightier,
but you recorded her.
caught it all on tape.
and now she's blocking the door.

She's softer than you remember
it isn't hard to get her off you
to move her
she can't hold you back.
she can't even cry.
you scream and she won't listen
still you're wrong
millions of voices are wrong to her
"society doesn't think that way nick.
YOU think that way."
"they'll stop saying they, if
YOU stop saying they."

Maybe that's why you fought so damn hard that night.
protecting the audio recording.
of you leading an army
at your own mother.

Mike Rollain Apr 2016

It was Tuesday night, and that meant
Something different for each of them
Despite the scenic overlap he
Hoped she still desired

She did, and so off they went

And sat and drank, idle talk
She drank to feel nothing and
He drank to feel her and some nights
They both got what they wanted

He hoped this would be one of those nights

It was looking that way, and so
Despite his better, sober judgment
Yet another pitcher was ordered and
They continued their dance from
Topic to topic with an ease
Unobtainable only an hour before and
Things were really looking up
For the both of them

But she'd had more practice and
He saw black and she saw red
And just like that their illusion
Crumbled and there was
No longer any reason
To keep it going

So they left

And drove home in silence

The awkward kind where caustic
Thoughts battle in midair like the
Cloaked quadcopter drones of
Klingon children

And once again
Neither got what they wanted
But especially that night, and neither
Had the slightest clue why

But there was always next Tuesday night

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/mike-rollain/rinse-and-repeat
Mike Rollain Apr 2016

"State Line"


The torrential kind
In which
You forget
Through overexposure
What it feels like
To see color

Yet remember
Everything else

Clarity in flashes

The earth spills
Its daily struggles
And I bottle mine


"Welcome to Earth"


Breaching and scorching
This tortured sky

Will Smith is too expensive
To save us now


"A Thousand Words"

In the storm
Shadows and highlights
Are nonsensical terms


Black level, high
Contrast, immeasurable
Noise, present



Push it
Go as fast as you like
I'll take my time
And watch you spin
Out of control
Just outside
The point of
No return



Accuse me
Again and again
Convince me I'm wrong

I'll hurl my innocence
Into the storm

Wait for it
It's coming back


"Double Down"

That isn't light
At the end of the tunnel
It's just less dark

Double down
It's not over yet



Persistent color
Through the fog
Shrek on wheels
Snoopy on ice
They pass and
We follow


"Crossing Over"

There is a pain
That comes after

In the relief

In the recuperated vision
An aching remnant of
Stolen senses

You almost miss it



Dreams resurface
Waist-deep in white noise
A melody identifiable as my own

Crickets chirp
Soaked in stagnant thought
A denotation of the passing storm

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/mike-rollain/into-the-storm
Mike Rollain Apr 2016

I can't remember the code
To get in

Normally it's not a problem

Numbers are like puzzle pieces
To me

Seven and three
Three and fourteen

Fives are blue and
Tens are black

They all just fit

Charged and begging
For togetherness

And understanding

Like the eagle understands gravity
And thrives on it

Despite resenting
Its usefulness

I stand

I push

I hear

I understand
So little

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/mike-rollain/locked-out
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