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You look me in the eye, and slowly turn the knife,
And im sure you have the best intentions to antagonize my life,
You throw the knife and use your hand terror in your eyes,
For you cant see your tries to help, is what makes me want to die
Michael Ryan Oct 2017
Humanistic traits
they are difficult things to find
even in humans.

I think I've been able
to find the sweet delights
of humanity
in the succulent fruits
that delight the dining room table.

They are ravenous
and quite fruitful with
the detailed insides of how
to live a meaningful
and quite delicious lifestyle.

Knowing when to drop problems
and ripen their own thoughts
they are prone to becoming rotten,
but when their time comes
they do not spoil the world around them
instead they spread the joy
of opportunity
to their children instead.
If you can't find good people, at least you can find good fruits. :)
A Alexander Sep 2017
On the news,
in the papers,
lack of goodwill,
no real charity,
real world problems smudged
with distraction.
Will it ever change?
I have refrained from watching the news, and reading articles that seem much too negative for my taste, and ignoring the real issues at hand. Instead I try to keep busy, doing good in this world, even if just a little change I bring.
Nylee Jun 2017
Poetries do not have solutions to all the problems
It is just a better way to vent out your frustration

And by the end , you find that you are not alone
JjJ98 Dec 2016
To be necessary is
to have purpose in essence.
Disavowed from senses
of contingent dependence.

Disallowed from connection
in simplest of form,
the necessary are
to be dead and too born.

Existing in realm
of support for all else,
with no reason at all
in helping themselves.

To be necessary is
to have purpose in essence;
contingency aiding
with iris virescent.
Grace Jordan Nov 2016
It's odd to think of how much time I spend working out a mental fallacy or problem in my head or on paper and then it's just gone. It's like a rhetorical analysis and my life is a story.

Today i was struggling a tad about spending this weekend at my boyfriend's and him not spending too much time with me. But immediately afterward, I summed that yes, he's happy to see me, but I was the one who asked to visit and he already had plans of things to do. So Though he appreciated my company, he has others things to do and enjoy as well.

This is not OUR weekend or holiday. I am just participating in it.

It was like this welling emotion of hurt suddenly was alleviated, knowing that it was not about shirking me; it was about getting things he had already endeavored to do done.

Thinking gets me to many better places than places I previously was before.

I solve a lot of my own problems staring at a screen and typing them out, or just staring and thinking in general. It gets me through issues that don't need to be issues. Its just my chemical imbalances ramping up small emotions that need not be catastrophic, but can sometimes turn to be.

Similarly, I've solved why I'm an extrovert writer. My only friends were people in stories, and though I adore human energy and potential, real human beings do not compare to the neatness and logic of story characters. They can both feel as real, but real people can change on a dime, or be growthless, or waste their time and learn nothing.

In a story we'd call that unrealistic.

So I'm content being around people, feeding off their glorious energy, but also fine not being too interactive at all times. I can hear voices in movies, I can meet people in stories. I can suffice on the people between pages, and also the people out of pages who feel strong and real and connective to me.

Thinking and reflecting is one of my strongest traits. Telling my therapist about this trait was one of the first times I realized my possible brilliance. I told her I reflect and work out problems with myself, as it was the only way I figured out how to live when things were worst, and she was stunned. She says that trait, one used to often, can sometimes be attributed to genius.

Understandably, I was also stunned.

Reflecting on reflecting even feels rejuvenating. I am so proud of this skill, the skill that kept me alive and now is helping me learn to be self-sufficient. The growth is exponential. The usability is astounding.

I feel so lucky to be able to have it.
lo Oct 2016
take a moment to point out a few positive things you love about your body, the positives can make the negatives seem just a little less important and sometimes thats enough.
2. take a look into the past at how far youve come.
3. surround yourself with people who understand or may be going through the same thing, i promise theyll do their best to help you get through this.
4. focus on the amazing things you and your body can do.
5. take a time out, slow everything down and just think about yourself for a little while. take breaks and just focus on breathing.
6. write, write, write. ive always found it easier to write how i feel than to say it.
7. be easy on yourself, please.
8. take a deep breath.
9. avoid spaces or people that will bring you down, they arent good for you.
10. allow yourself to feel, everything, the good and bad feelings but dont let them overpower you
11. just take a minute for yourself, let yourself breathe and remember: what youre feeling is okay, and it will get better.
Clueless Oct 2016
The imperfections of humanity
Haunts us.
We get wrapped around
What is bad,
What needs fixing.
We too often forget what is good.
We tell sad things to
Cleanse are minds, but
We do this all wrong.
Instead, why don't we tell
Of the things that are good.
The bad will always be bad,
There's no changing it.
But let not be consumed
By dark, to only then
Spread it onto others.
Let's make light and
Spread this
To cleanse the mind.
What is good will
Always remain good,
So stay with the warmer path
Of good.
Find what is good,
What is light,
And tell others of it.
So, some may ask
What is bad?
Bad are the uncontrollable
Actions that venture
Into our lives.
Others may then ask,
What is good?
Good is what you make of the bad.
So find good of the absolute
Worst situations.
Make life good.
Make life the best you can. When life throws you in the dark, find the light. If there is no light, Make your own and push on to do great things.
As we all know
There are different kinds
Well meant
Trying to be helpful
Just being plain rude

Some people don’t take
Any sort of criticism well
Good or bad
They ask for it
But don’t want to listen to it
They don’t want to believe it
So they fight it
And hurt you in the process
Make you feel guilty
Make you even more aware
Of what you say
And do
Knowing that people
Might be thinking harsh
Mean things
About you
I'm the irreverent boyscout you can't trust that's no help
Cowardice and gluttonous
But hell can I start a fire.
I don't listen, I'm not nice
purity I don't recognize.
I do my own thing,
I never courtesy.
Oh **** can I scream at wrongs.
I'm the grungy kind of disloyal,
You know the sin of the unclean.
My face is never cheerful
And I'm rude to everything.
A scout is
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