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hybridstorm May 13
Flow through my dry hair,
Enrich me with your strength,
Kiss me on my cheek softly,
And let me grow into a grove over you.
Certain people, places, things and forces have the power to love you and heal you so much that you end up forever indebted to them, for their unshaken and unconditional care. Respect them, and they sweep you off of your feet, into a world of beauty and brightness.
Amanda Jan 27
I expect you come
Please me to feel good yourself
Are you a giver?
Some people are givers and some are getters haha
Josh Jul 2019
My failings are justified
Ghosting your presence
Love me once meant life
Kindred lips part ways
Varied volume waves your force
Happiness used to be your metaphor for me
Climbing down now
Grounded grinding and generous
Court Jul 2019
Deepness has no limit..
Love has no end..
there are no words that could explain..
Only Spirit..  
The generosity..
The effort.. 
The feeling of being gropped.  
Held hostage by the ******* of life,
The only control is of self..
Which indeed is....  
A very special thing
Zia Jun 2019
whilst many are
waxing lyrical
about the moon
and the stars
i'm hugging trees
i'm rolling on leaves
if you want to know
how much i love you
look at a tree
how it still gives
even when being
cut down
Michael Briefs Apr 2019
She enters the room
and her ambient light fills
the darkened corners.
Where once there was sadness and doubt,
her loving favor cheers all our mourners.  
Where the world, each day, hurls cruel
barbs at our hearts,
she brings exuberant joy, levity
and the seeds of a new start!
Her warm, voluptuous beauty and
style inspires all who see her.
She generously shares
her sparkling smile and
luminous eyes,
revealing a soul that is pure.
In these troubled times,
her overflowing enthusiasm is infectious!
We need her expression of love, friendship and cheer
to show us a new direction.
Thank you, darling, for your spirit and light.
You have given me a new strength to fight!
This is dedicated to my friend Tish. What a wonderful lady! I am so grateful for her giving heart and kindness.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
I wanted to give a world
But I have only one.
He said the same
So did one that was nearby!
I felt content to give away
Everyone has a world.
Maria Etre Aug 2018
My he(a)rt
at the
of su(c)h (a)
"If I Could Give You My Eyes" Series
MicMag Aug 2018
Blessed is she who surrenders last coin
Giving from lack rather than plenty

Blessed is he who takes inspiration
Single gift multiplied into many

Blessed are those who pass these along
Money dispersed round the earth

Blessed are those who give correct change
Insist you just pay what it's worth

So now blessed am I as I walk along
Her last coin nestled in hand

And when she looks at me with pleading eyes
I withhold, cause here begging is banned
Poem inspired by:
- the biblical story of the widow's offering (Luke 21)
- seeing a friend's generous spirit
- my cold calloused heart
CeilingStar Jul 2018
How is it
      that I always
seem to end up
in a pool
      of my own tears
when all I do
      is give
with tender hands.

is there such a thing as too kind?
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