I can’t help who I am, all my truths that I reveal.
I’m an open coloring book. My thoughts are yours to steal.
My soul is inside out, can’t be anything but real.
My open heart is generous; not a wound that needs to heal
I will not apologize. I am not broken.
In life, is there a certain amount of gratitude that we must have?
A certain amount of appreciation?
Should we only receive when we're ready to be grateful?

I find this challenging...
Being able to accept a gift of something kind, but feeling as if your reaction or emotions aren't substantial enough to support what you have received.
Sparks Fly Feb 2
Every ounce of
in this world
into one

none of it adds up
to your heart's
as warm as the sun.
Ada Harris Sep 2017
On the news,
in the papers,
lack of goodwill,
no real charity,
real world problems smudged
with distraction.
Will it ever change?
I have refrained from watching the news, and reading articles that seem much too negative for my taste, and ignoring the real issues at hand. Instead I try to keep busy, doing good in this world, even if just a little change I bring.
s Sep 2017
Exhausted at four am
from in-flight sleep
You kiss me goodnight
with a passion tongue-deep;
I'm burping rhythmically
from all that antacid;
It's unfair to make me feel sexy
at my most unflattering.

You make me beautiful
in the way that some music does;
In a place within my bones,
that only a few songs have touched.

There's a calming security,
in the surrender of your kiss.
The uninhibited generosity
of your love,
I sometimes reminisce.

The patience with which you untangle my knots,
unafraid to encounter my darker menacing thoughts.
With an unwavering presence, you listen to my soul
it's almost poetic, the way you make me feel whole.
Noah A Aug 2017
Power, oh Power
you manipulate the minds of grown men
they fight over you
many see you as the key to success
i see you as a monster
you are a fool to think
you have the whole world in your hands
you are a tool that one can use
not something to horde
many horde you
why don't you make them pay?
you are as selfish as those with power
Power, you are Unfair
Cruel and Terrible
you should be Generous
Caring and Kind
but you are not
you laugh at poverty
you smile at slaves
taxes entertain you
i don't need you Power
A lowercase poem with key words capitalized.  Hope you like it!
A life that is giving, is giving...
all the right people and their advise,
if you should heed it.

A life that is giving, is giving...
time enough for the restart button,
when you need it.

A life that is giving, is giving...
the chance to love after the loss,
so you can seek it.

A life that is giving, is giving...
opportunity to find the one;
so when you find the love you're looking for,
you can keep it...

Life long.
Nylee Apr 2017
The earth is so generous ,
it has given us all
so many things , each so precious
without charging us any toll
Balaguer Nov 2016
Upon ye,
The mercy will never be seen.
Reckless am I,
Settling for less
Visualizing the more
We are alive
Another piece of meat
in the air
by the next demon passing by
We are
Filled up like a balloon
With the blood of Christ
Yet thou,
Only believe
what you see,
What you feel
is inside,
Let us not
Weak is the heart
At the time of death
thy eyes bleed.

Thanksgiving thoughts
Ynhia Pollard Jun 2016
You are a solider,
The war of my life is at a cease,
Its the stillest moment I've ever lived,
Because you are my solider,
You are a protector,
The wreck of others is trashed,
You know the right words to say,
Fixed my heart when it's mashed,
For that I adore you,
You absorb the bad,
Dispense the good,
You are knocked down,
You get back up and walk,
You are hurt,
You are pain,
You are love,
You are joy,
You're my Aegis,
Many try to mock,
Many try to ruin,
Many tried to fix,
God walks in your walk,
God shines in your smile,
God moves in your spirit,
God talks through your voice,
If you want to see the beauty,
I'd advise you to look closer,
It's not what you think it is,
It's what I see, I'm a boaster,
I am proud,
I have pride,
I have the greatest mother Alive,
And I just want the world to know you're beautiful,
Go ahead,
Seek and you shall find,
It's not in the weight,
Or the size of your behind,
You'll find it in the bathroom,
On an item that reflects,
My Aegis look in the mirror,
And tell me what you see,
When you see yourself,
Smile and let your light gleam !
Dedicated to Lisa Pollard, My Mother, My Aegis
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