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Lara May 2020
Eyes say so much about a person.

You can see emotions, love, fear and what matters for the person
all just in the eyes.

You meet someone new.
You look in their eyes - they show you how much they want to share of their soul with you.

You can spread sadness, fear, anger and happiness just with your eyes.

You don’t have to show your emotions with a smile or a grumpy face.

The eyes are enough - the eyes show how you really feel
and what your heart beats for.

Your pupils dilate when you see or think of someone you love.

You can decide - how many emotions you want to share with a person just with one little look.
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
[you] sat on a park bench
Thunderclouds surround [your] head
[you] glare harshly at passersby
None above [your] wrathful glance
The darkest storm withers
And yields to fogs of gray
As [you] eclipse once sunny skies

"Hey [you]"
Squeeks the smallest of girlish voices
"What. Do. You. Want, small one?"
[you] wheeze through gritted teeth
"Why do [you] look so grumpy?"
Elicits green eyes between blonde pigtails
"Buzz off you nosy mouse! [i'm] grumpy
Can't you see that!?"

"Why so grumpy, it's a lovely day"
[you] cross [your] arms defiantly
"Lovely?  Hah!  Dumb little girl"
Her face scrunches up
"I'm not dumb"
[you] turn your face away
To cast [your] glance
At other poor happy victims

"Life's pretty good, I think."
As she opens candies wrapped
"Who made you an exp..."
As [you] try to finish fiery words
She places chocolate in [your] mouth
Brown smear across [your] cheek
A moment hangs pregnant in the air
The building of a storm

Seconds drag through eternity
A twitch at corners of [your] lips
But a little girlish gap-toothed grin
Drains [you] of feelings so hostile
As brutal youthful honesty
breaks foul moods, and makes [you] smile
Isn't it strange what ends up breaking through your bad moods?
Knights Aug 2018
She spoke the words "I love you,"
as if they were dripping from her mouth.
Desire and longing were written in her eyes.
This fragrance of hers, was intoxicating.
One could almost choke on it.

Stay away from love.  
For it can truly be sickening.
Especially if you haven't caught it already.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Grumpy grey sky stares,
At the conquered water world;
Armies of clouds roar!
Sara Jun 2018
I much prefer it when it rains;
theres much less pressure on the day.
It makes me feel like it's alright,
to waste a day alone inside

and wrap myself up in a blanket,
shut out the world. To be quite frank it
hardly makes a lot of sense;
sometimes, I just don't help myself.

Look far and wide for some excuse,
roll left and right, avoid the truth;
rip it all up to start anew,
as often, restless minds will do.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
I don't know what to do,
Mother-in-law is coming to stay for a week or two,
I bribed the devil for help,
It painfully began to yelp,
Mothers-in-law are dangerous,
In hell ominous ,
Also there they have their say,
They want their own way,
Even Satan is moulded to soft clay.
If you love your spouse,
Welcome her to your house,
See she comes alongside you,
Not between you.
Cana Apr 2018
They whirl and swirl and dive
But do they?
The no see ‘ems, You can’t see ‘em
but you can feel them there
Cavorting and frolicking, invisible in the air
A dinner time dance, gluttonous splurge
You’ll know all about their evening soirée
When you discover the main course is
… You.
Stupid bugs. Biting my legs. I look like a ****** addict that can’t tell his legs from his arms.
Cana Mar 2018
The baroque grandeur of
Warm seas on velvety spring evenings
Is in stark contrast to the ache
In my hands from the aircon being
Just too ******* cold.


Who do these stars think they are?
This heavenly phosphorescence
Placed so precisely on the lapel of
The night sky.
A supernova pocket square?


What is the story with this ***?
Wheedling it’s way down my throat
To try and melt the tremors in
The pit of my belly.
It’s ****** well working.
Cana Mar 2018
I met an unfriendly parrot
I can’t blame him really. He lived in a cage
He stood there and squawked
Screaming displeasure at all who passed.
Staring balefully at sunburnt tourists
Asking if polly wants a *******
He doesn’t want a ****** single one.

I did find out what he liked.
Completely by accident.
Turns out he likes songs,
Click songs, because
“The white people cannot say Qongqothwane”
He lives in Bahamas and he is quite lovely. I stood there looking the fool and singing to him for 15 minutes.
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