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Kym Relo Jan 2022
What would I be if I felt no pain?
My pain gives meaning to the small patches of happiness I get.
Every moment is sweeter because I have felt something far worse.
Kym Relo Jan 2022
Moving to a new place
Is leaving
And wondering
Why everyone left  you.
I miss my old home. I miss my friends. I miss everything I used to be.
Kym Relo Jan 2022
I lived in a world of politics and conflict.
You lived in a world of melody and music.

But I can't help but feel
We've lived parallel lives.
Kym Relo Nov 2021
The world has been so cruel to you
but don’t,
not even for a second,
think that it’s your fault.
You do not deserve this beating.

You have been so strong for so long
all you’ve ever known was how to hold your breath.
But I want you to know,
when you’re with me,
you can exhale.

Let everything out and
I will lend you my ears and time.
My dear friend,
though we’ve only met a few months ago,
I genuinely care about you.

I know you will get through this
I believe in you.
And I am sorry I can’t help you in any other way
But I am here
I will be for as long as you need.
Kym Relo Oct 2021
When I was seven, I ran around the streets of Caloocan naked.
So, my neighbors would smile and wave hello and
I would wave back with my tongue. Lowkey liked the attention I was getting.

When I was nine, one of the other girls in school fought with my sister.
So, I pulled her hair. I don't understand why she started to cry though.
I just did the exact same thing she was doing to my sister.

When I was eleven, my mom told me that father was getting busy with work.
So, I had to stop going to school. Which didn't make sense to me.
I had to sell plastic in the wet market so we could eat that night.

When I was thirteen, my older brother wouldn't stop crying.
Soon, he stopped going out altogether.
And when he did, we wouldn't see him for days.

When I was fifteen, I met a cute boy.
So, we went back home together.
I started feeling sick a few weeks later. I probably just miss him.

When I was eighteen, the cute boy started acting like my older brother.
So, I worked at Jollibee. It was nice.
Except when I had to go home. The guys on the train wouldn't stop looking at me funny. Lowkey liked the attention though.

When I was nineteen, the guys on the train got curious.
It's okay. I didn't get hurt.
I asked my friends to come on the train with me always after that.

When I was twenty, a guy on the television said "Matapang na solusyon, Mabilis na aksyon."
I wanted those guys on the train gone.
So, I voted for him.

My father passed away soon after.
My brother never came home.
And the cute boy had Jesus' nail on his forehead.
Kym Relo Jul 2020
I feel so broken inside;
It’s getting so hard to breathe.

I don’t miss her,
I miss who I used to be.
Kym Relo Jul 2020
I'm happy.
I am happy.

You left me;
And, I thought I would be broken without you,
But I learned that I was miserable with you.

I swear,
Don't ever come back.
It was the only thing you ever did
That didn't hurt me.

If you do,
When you do,
It will tell me
You never loved me.
She left me. She ended it. Fine.
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