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Kym Relo Jul 6
I feel so broken inside;
It’s getting so hard to breathe.

I don’t miss her,
I miss who I used to be.
Kym Relo Jul 6
I'm happy.
I am happy.

You left me;
And, I thought I would be broken without you,
But I learned that I was miserable with you.

I swear,
Don't ever come back.
It was the only thing you ever did
That didn't hurt me.

If you do,
When you do,
It will tell me
You never loved me.
She left me. She ended it. Fine.
Kym Relo Jul 1
Let it out little wolf;
You are my nightly kindred howl.
Let me devour it.

Let your howl take flight;
I promise to keep them close,
In hollow delight.
My mistake.
Kym Relo Jun 30
He is your typical athlete: mostly muscle and a little lacking in the brains,
but we can still talk about anything.
He is a great listener and an even better story teller.
He's a traveled person; he knows a lot about the world, however,
He ***** at Math and Science.
He won't fit in in STEM.
He is the most understanding human being you will ever meet.
A rare trait to find nowadays.
He is willing to put his neck out for you.
So, if I'm in trouble, I run to him.
He loves our friends with all his heart
And I am thankful for that.
We have little to no interests together,
but some how we just clicked.
He is my first love.
I love him.
My bestfriend. He and I have gone through so much together. I am glad I had him on my first breakup with my girlfriend. I am glad we met each other.
Kym Relo Jun 30
I understand
I understand
I understand
Yep, I get it.
Don't worry

Wait, wait,
Why don’t you understand?
Wait, wait,
You’re leaving?
It was a misunderstanding…
Wait, wait,

Why is it always me understanding?
Kym Relo Jun 30
Choose your first spark;
Never deviate into dalliances;
You may lust for a friend,
But remember, you never need them

You reacted in a paroxysmal frenzy of love;
You thought you knew what it meant;
So you declared your hollow infatuation
Based on nothing,
but being a midnight star of solicitation,

But like all stars
There are more like you.
I fell in love with a girl, but was brutally rejected. So, I went with someone that liked me first. In the end, I was brutally left for dead.
Kym Relo Jun 30
Remember when I said, “I love you”
You replied with, “I love you”
Awesome, great, thank you.
I felt, I thought, I knew
That I was important to you

When I said, “I love you more”
You replied with, “I love you less than you love me”
At first I thought that it was meant to be a part of our lore
I overlooked the toxicity
To try and find the beauty

I will never forget
Every jewel I ever spent
I wanted you to say that you loved me more
Instead, you left me in a pile of gore.
Forget it.

I was left all alone.
In the depths of my own thoughts
I felt that I was less than the crone
A fool left in a thousand cuts.
So, I will end it all to impose the end of all buts.
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