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raquezha Jul 2020
Igwang mga aldáw na mayò na talagang naglalaog sa isip ko, Masakiton magsurat ning maski ano. Piriton ko man mas naghahaloy asin mas magabat, garo nakagakod as sakuyang mga bitis sa daga. Kan nakanood akong magsurat, duman ko nadiskobre an ika-duwang harong sa laog kan sakuyang isip. "Libre man daa an mangarap" kaya sige lang ipikit mo an saimong mata asin hagadon gabos na pwede **** makuha. Pero bako digdi sa nadiskobre kong lugar, gabos na hahagadon mo pwede **** makuha mayong limitasyon pero igwang kapalit. Gabos igwang kapalit.

Sarong úban.

Sarong úban karibay sa gabos na kaipuhan, kagustohan, asin kaugmahan.

Sarong úban.

Igwang aldaw aldáw na mayò talagang naglalaog sa isip ko asin warâ naman an gabos na buhok ko.

—𝐔𝐛𝐚𝐧, a Bikol poetry.
Have you ever wonder what happens to your hair?
1. Uban is a gray hair
Zack Ripley Jul 2020
have you ever wondered why the sky turns gray when it rains?
well, in every creature, there is darkness, and there is light.
and when you start to give up the fight,
the fight for happiness, love, life, when you start to lose hope,
the darkness starts to bleed into your light. but it's okay.
the color can come back. first, ask to talk to someone.
ask them to listen.
then, hold nothing back. don't stop until you understand
how you feel. what you want.
don't worry. it's not selfish to talk about it.
not to the people who care about you.
it will take time, but if you do this, someday, a rainbow will come shining through
Lane O Jul 2020
A cup of tea
Sits alone on the table.
It speaks to me, consoles,
And tells me all sorts of fables.
I sip its nectar,
Amber and sweet;
Warms me from my head,
Down to my feet.
The thunder roars outside.
The heavens frigid deluge;
Sipping rays of sunshine
My warm refuge.
Eyes wander,
The sky’s still gray.
I close my eyes,
I shut off the day.
Zack Ripley May 2020
It's not the end of the world.
It's not even the end of the day.
Just because the sky is gray
Doesn't mean the sun can't come out
As if to say "it's okay."
Remember. We see the world in color.
If you don't like the ones you see,
Just close your eyes and breathe.
Please don't give up, and I promise you'll see it's not the end.
I am waiting in a tall gray tower,
Whose shadow is as dark as your heart.
And every time I look out on the land,
I pray for the wind to bring you to me
So that we can be healed here together,
And this tower will touch the hands of God.

Tha mi a 'feitheamh ann an tùr àrd liath,
Tha a sgàil cho dorcha ri do chridhe.
Agus a h-uile uair choimheadas mi a-maich air an fhearann,
Guidheam gun toir a 'ghaoth thu thugam
Mar sin is urrainn dhuinn a shlànachadh an seo còmhla
Agus ruigidh an tùr seo làmhan Dhè.
Bullet May 2020
The sun is shinning; I can breathe

The moon is waving; I can sing

The night seems to scare me so I'm wide awake

The day claims loneliness so I'm hiding behind these shades

I want to be your favorite color

Yet I am so gray

Sing with me

Lets talk in depths

Sink into one another

Dream in our color

Live in a coloring book

But we still breathe in the loneliness

While the moon makes me dream in the view of you

I'n singing in these moon dreams

In these themes our moods are broken our hearts sowed at the seem
Sergio Esteban Apr 2020
Seeking for sunlight
I found my own bright star
But it glowed too bright
It burned too fast to ever last
I’m glad to have met you
But sad to see you go
I wish there was an alternate dimension
Where you’d stay
But everyone needs to move on at some point
But at this point
I’d rather be selfish and not let you go
But it’s not up to me
We all need to see our future
I wish I could see the skies in black and gray
To be impartial to my own dismay
I fell apart, but I’m not broken
Not yet, I won’t allow it
This is just a stumble
In a long race against time
And when I move on
I will also have to let you go  
And escape the black hole
Eli Apr 2020
The red moon illuminates,
over the water,
My stomach is pierced with blades,
thousands of them,
And darkness fills my empty heart,
dancing with the devil,
But the deepest shades of gray,
will never be mine,
And if by the end, indeed I'm dead, cry,
tears in my memory, sweet
But the red moon is painted with blood,
and it happens to be my veins,
And still the saddest birds cries it's tune,
bright in the early month of June,
enjoy :)
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