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eva 2d
in the great arching web where all souls reside, and knowledge is shared like starlight. each one takes its turn to be human, to see the world more than as a mess of highways glittering white. and we each bring with it a piece of that knowledge we share as one.

there is a collective of human experience, in the great prehistoric brain we all share, and each little life we live, taking turns to experience each wrinkle of our planet, is simply one step in getting the bigger picture.

you and i are the same. it is my turn to be me, and soon it will be yours. and then you will write my words and i will sit in your chair and we will connect again through opposite sides.

there is a part of my soul that did not enter this body with me. all my life i have searched for it. i am still young, and maybe one day we will meet. for now, i am immortal. but when again i fade into the spiderweb of all things, i hope i shall find again the piece of me that stayed behind with you.
deyrah 2d
Sometimes, i wish for death.
Scratch that, maybe death wishes for me.
No scratch that.
I mean, call me a hypocrite...
But i pray to a God i don't believe in.
Just so something good can happen to me.
Cause being alive seems like a hard daily chore.
And then staying alive, looking at someone else's blessings.
Will make t look, as if God has given up on me.
Can i be close to God through death??
Oh no!! I hear suicide z a sin.
Sometimes, yhu just get to the end of that line, searching for something, anything at all. To pay attention to yhu. Even if tz just a little...
Their words, so old, in fables
   regaled upon a snowy summit.
   Alas, we did submit
   and believe in the rapture;
      a leap of glory!

   Soul to soul, heart to heart;
   apart, we'd been; as one,
      they see ...

Their hearts, so gold, on tables
   prevailed within a devils glee.
   Alas, we did foresee
   and believe in these heroes;
      a leap of faith!
J J 4d
We walk among silent god's;
Intercepting our every pulse, our every step.
    Tracing our every breath unto its last--
  Connecting every life, race and element--
and occasionally, knotting our shoe laces
when we arent looking as we're about
                                                    to cross the road...
Fingers crossed this was the last 403 error thingy,I've missed this site.
Insha Oct 12
you ask me if I talk to god
because he is important to you
and I reply saying I do
but not in the way you think

I speak to god when I’m all alone
crying and screaming and
even though no sound may come out he hears me
he understands what I am saying to him without me having to say a word
because he is always there listening and loving

just like I’ll be for you
Di Verce Oct 11
"Going against God's pride."

That's an interesting remark.
"Blasphemy" could make one think.

I thought subversives were cool,
For a good cause,
But all they do is **** out flowers
For applause.

Game players,
No noble souls,
Just pompous dictators
Who use every name in vain.

That's the real sin, of dogmatic harlots.
Mark 'em for the fire,
for they violate the first rule of god club.
Multi meaning on last line per us'

If only I could share my eyes
Birds make a joyful noise
Every day their cheerful chirp
Serenades the slumbering world
This morning I joined my brother bluebird
and sister cardinal in joyful carol
What a sweet racket we made
I think we woke up the Divine Mother
Her surreal blue eyes fluttered open
Smiling buoyantly
She blew us a golden kiss
I garland your heart my Swami
with fresh plucked blossoms
garnered from the fields of my soul
a daffodil smile tickling my face
Like teenagers without a care in the world
We stroll along the edge of forever
Thick clouds of sweet incense
rise from brass temple bowls
the tiles are cool under my bare feet
rubies fall from the sky, pink rays
across Your altar
O Hari
the moments are drenched in Your
there is no space between us now
Your breath has married mine
Vin DeStefano Oct 10
Pick up a type writer,
to become a type fighter.
A soldier for the right,
truths hurt,
but lies bite.
Place pen to paper,
to guard, trim, and taper,
cut down the transgressions,
invoke love and confessions.
Speak out in loud tone,
Speak words into stone.
Hold voice on a platter,
Climb choice like a ladder.
Be strong now to influence,
give up for no instance.
Hold fast and stay strong,
sing clear your song.
Doubt not who you are...
...For your voice is heard far!
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