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Ivy Leigh Dec 2019
The dark corners of your box of night
hold no gravity upon you.
The endless stretch of hallways
lead to doors unlocked but not opened.
The cracks and gaps reveal light.
Rooms of fellowshop oft-visited
and words of dreams spill onto the floor.
And when the rain will come
We will all think it's beautiful.
For Chris
Poetic T Jun 2019
Though I smile, look between the gaps
   and realise even though  
                         every thing seems white.

That there are gaps between every smile,
                         and these hide the true emotion
                                 bleached beneath the white.

But you need to know that there is always
                           shades that never get seen.
Sinking us underneath the waves of smiles,
   that can be like calm waters

As a last moment never washes up on a shore of regrets,
that where obscured beneath
                                     the waves of pearly white waves.
milkymoon Apr 2019
the little gaps between words or the letters between gaps.
they allow for thought, time, breath.

why not live a simpler life?
take all the gaps out of titles and make it one word that means so much more.

taking that gap out gives me the control.
the control to decide what you love, live, believe.

it's one breath im taking back from god. one thing i am gaining back.

a stand against freedom, literature, language.
Yenson Apr 2019
What does a Prince
have in common with some fake stooge
pretending to be an Asian in Mumbai
but for oxygen
Prince doesn't need a Chia Wallah
and they belong to differing caste
stay below as you've always been
you are not important
This is about Rajarandu  Bandirajastan, a poet that attended a poets workshop I was at, who writes the most ridiculus poems and seem to think he makes sense, he was an old colonial servant who was slimy, sly and has pretentiousness in abundance. I have since discovered his brother visits this site and hopes he recognizes his sibling.
Yanamari Nov 2018
Bring it on
I will fight
Let your words loose upon my
Infant heart
Whip and whip again
Gaze at me with your
Estranged lens
Leave me to fend for myself
Let me hurt
Whether or not I shall rise again
I will be the victor
Of my end

My dreadful..

Be gentle
Show me your hand

Be gentle...
Lighten your gaze and
Uncloud your lens
Let me love you
Before the end..

For estranged
With estranged
From estranged
Cherisse May Sep 2018
whenever i feel empty,
I try to evaluate myself,
much like how a student evaluates
the questions before skimming for the answers.

fill in the blanks,
the tiny crevices made by sadness,
the cracks and gaps of loneliness;
help me and fill them out with human company.

fill in the blanks;
sheets of paper, empty,
an untouched screen, the faint humming of a computer,
the pens and pencils, neat and free from human activity.

fill them in; draw and draw until your mind begs to stop;
write and write until the words don't make sense;
I've been trying to do so much
just to make sure that gaping hole of pure, slow, and excruciating loneliness and depression gets temporarily covered.

I've been trying to fill in the blanks in my life since day one.
It seems like it'll never work.
I want to keep writing until I can feel like I am something again.

It seems like I've lost myself and I will never be able to get myself back, much like a student who crams for a test and forgets everything, with no hope of recovering that information.
DancingEntWrites May 2018
You picked up pieces
Everyone else smashed, and you
Filled the gaps with you.
You put all my broken pieces back together and made my heart bigger adding yourself.
Kartikeya Jain Feb 2018
And today,
I want to paint
dreams for you.
Dreams painted
between the gaps
of our fingers.
Sipid and Wild.
solfang Dec 2017
Thigh gaps,
Wide or narrow space,
Funny how,
The gap between your legs,
justifies whether you're
perfectly shaped or unfit

just by the distance
of your thighs.

I truly wonder how
the objectification
of women started
with a simple spread of
her beautifully shaped legs

from calling her a ****,
to calling her fat.
you seem to have
many names from
just staring at the
legs her mother gave.

if I really have to say,
who are you to
judge that anyway?
I wonder who gave people the rights to judge one another based on how they look, or how they act.
sunshine Nov 2017
when i talk to you
i sound crazy
my words don't add up to what i wanna say
so i sit back
i watch you slowly slip away
you fall through my grasp
you drip through the gaps
and now i really miss you more than i did before
maybe because i realize how far away you are
maybe because i realize you'll never hold me
here you feel so close
when i see your face on my screen
and when you type out easy words
and when you leave me helpless in the middle of the night
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