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gabersons Jul 2020
Serving up some Chinese, with the chopsticks
swervin with some buckled knees, like I'm hot ****
mental back and forth jeez, I am not this

aw **** uh
tight black jeans, spiked red crocs
pleasures of the flesh, servin mommy big rocks
maybe we don't mesh, get your little brother shot
blow him out his Tommy socks he brought a Glock I brought my ****

double bands, money knot
shooters aiming at your spot
make em twirl and make em drop
make em do the Bunny Hop
pop pop hop hop
make em run I moonwalk
try it with the smooth talk
make your bed with white chalk
****** nose I'm Rudolph
snowy sleigh and flew off
say your piece get booed off
get your melon blew off

Silver linings of corona ***** I always got a mask
12 get curious they watch always watch me from the back
Never catch me sober carry flask after lask
And when the pills hit time to take em all to task
Creative writing exercise. Not serious at all
Abhishek kumar Jul 2020
He was a gangster
He must die
But the stories you tell
Must not be lies
Alexa Dec 2018
Hush my pretty baby don't you cry
I see how hard you try
Baby, don't let those tears roll down
I know you are hurting, but you are not alone
Darling, imma stick it through
There isn't anything i wouldn't do for you
We're crazy baby, nobody knows our monsters
So we keep them a secret, we're the true mobsters
Hush my pretty darling don't feel no pain
I'm right here, i know you're insane
7 October 2018
Brent Kincaid Jun 2018
You cringeworthy, evil pismire;
Your father did surely miss-sire
This personification of flatulence,
The embodiment of self importance
Overflowing with abject peccancy
Devoid of any sign of respectability
Replete with gross odoriferousness
Horribly and infamously unscrupulous.

You have reveled in misrepresentation
And tried to elevate your calumniation
Disinformation and deception exists
As capitalistic dissembling persists.
You’ve collected an evil government
Built mostly of human excrement
And have such a lack of veracity
That you speak in constant mendacity.

Sycophantic eructations of dogmatic bile
Issue from your unsympathetic smile
And your inauthentic glad-handed gropes
As if we all of us are unbright gullible dopes
That buy your fabrications completely
While you pilfer and prevaricate indiscreetly.
You are a Vaudevillian villain miscast as star,
But most of us know exactly what you are.

Deceit, deception, dishonesty; a tragedy
But not for you, for us and our country.
Distortion, evasion and fabrication the rules;
You despair of any other kinds of tools.
Falsehoods, fictions and forgery are your tricks.
You demand we build with straw-less bricks
Your erections that are planned to be palaces
Filled with your giant golden carved phalluses.

Those monuments, inanotomically correct,
Established to celebrate and somehow protect
A mountebank on the way to an overseas bank
Claiming to eradicate the scoria he creates
That decades of privation will not quite alleviate.
But you, the Great Prevaricator, will always blame
Other players in your sick, unconstitutional game
Instead of admitting your complicity and guilt
About the disgusting, putrid swamp you built.
Joe Momma May 2018
All I do is get money


All I do is **** *******


All I do is grind till 5 am


I’ll never find true love.

Kyra Woods Dec 2016
Y'all tell em' to focus on school, keep ya head the books
and stay out of these streets.
But what is He supposed to do, when the Streets have him tripping over his own feet?

lurking around every corner,
confronted daily with His own eyes,
that's where He is meant to be.

The glamorized life of the Hustle,
You'll never know pain unless you the Struggle.
The same pain that causes them to shoot, but never aim.
what is He supposed to do when the streets are calling His name?

Y'all hold His hand and guide Him in the wrong direction, but then tell Him to do the right thing.
does this even make sense or is He confused by the bullet's sting.

Did you forget that He loves you,
that He wants to be accepted,
Gotta be just like You, even though you never said.
what are you supposed to do when the streets are coming after you?

Hiding in every shadow,
lurking in every crevasse.
Not a single OG could ever prepare us.

3 bullets to the chest. ringing in his ears.
blood gushing out black,
his mama screaming through her tears.

the Streets will watch you your whole life,
****** you up from home.
Do you how they Do you.
til most of You is gone.

Yea, times are tough
and this mentality is rough.
But what are you supposed to do, when the streets are after you?
those looking from the outside looking in.
These young black men aren't choosing a life that'll lead them down the road of despair.
they do not choose these situations, the situations choose them.
The battle between the streets and Young Souls is gruesome.
this is a battle of a nation.
Randy Mcpeek Oct 2016
The “Perfect” Man

He will get inside my head before he crawls into my bed.
He will be an articulate gentleman, but, straight up gangster when it’s time defend me.
He will kiss me in the club, but, beat up the **** that walks by me and grabs my ****.
He will be sensitive enough to read my poetry in the park, yet, adventurous enough to make love underneath the stars when the sun goes down.
He will not be a “Prince charming”. I don’t need saving.
He will be the beast that steals me away from the fool, and makes me understand what a real man’s touch is supposed to feel like.
You see, it’s not hard to be the “Perfect” man.  You will already be perfect if it’s meant to be.

Randy McPeek
Mind of a sinner heart of a saint ....
Stimulated fakeness that makes others faint...
Sitting out playing with time and guns....
Dont judge I never learned to walk before i had to run......
Last nights bottle is the first shot of my day...
Each time I start it pushes everyone farther away.....
You might try to save me.... But I dont want to be found...
Truth be told i hate it up here... Id rather be under the ground...
Dee Jan 2016
Each time you come you mend me
Each time you go you break me
You keep coming and going
I keep mending and breaking

Can you stay if you wanna stay?
Or go if you wanna leave?
I can settle for mending
Or breaking
But never in between.
Deactivated again
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