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Aimée 7d
Sobbing, screaming
Hyperventilating, heaving,
Face goes numb
Dry throat sticks
Coughing, coughing, coughing, nearly sick

And there is no space with enough space
And certainly no beauty or grace
In these knee-buckling bouts of anxiety
When sanity comes apart at the seams
And crazy doesn't seem a description too extreme

Crazy must be what I am
Because how did I let my life get so far out of hand?
That I'm here, now, melting down like a nuclear plant
Radioactive but not like the hulk or superman
Just hoping I have strength enough left to stand

I believe I'll make it out eventually
But until then
I am the enemy, the survivor
And the battle they fought in
Aimée Mar 30
There and gone
But not for too long

Just enough space to change
Not enough to be estranged

Enough to grow in different ways
Not enough to forget our yesterdays

Just enough to heal from hurts
Not enough for this to lose it's worth

At least this is my hope and belief
That we can walk together, you and me.
I hate the space we need to heal
But we need it just the same
Aimée Mar 26
I love you enough to be honest
Even when it's hardest
And to let you close when I'm weakest
Though I'd rather you not see this
Because you've come and you've stayed
Through the blackest nights
And the longest days

I love you enough to have listened
With judgement suspended
And to push you to grow
And hold you when you're low
I love you enough to see your demons
And not see you differently
Because you really aren't them

I'll love you with my words
Until you believe what you've heard
And when my words aren't up to *****
When they don't say enough
I'll have my actions speak
And pick up the trail
Where my words ceased
Aimée Mar 16
I was alone for so long
I feared I wasn't capable of real love

Until you

Now I worry I'll never find that again
Aimée Mar 12
My world is washed in grey
A place where once there was color
My world became this way
When I gave up on which was sure

Because it's people that give life meaning
And I've lost enough that it's bleeding
Losing love, and joy, motivation, and needing
I'm trapped alone in the grieving
Aimée Mar 11
Heartbreak to world
Looks like a puddle you step in
Until it's you that steps in
Then your soul is drowning
While your body plays pretend
You howl on the inside
But with out, you grin
Aimée Mar 10
I don't how you traveled the space
That exists between us now
You left no footsteps in your wake
Or maybe your stride was far too great

But we still talk you and I
At a time that others trade for dreams
I tell you of how my days go by
And you show me the stars in your sky

We find ways our nights to fill
You working and listening
While I sit and talk on my window sill
Fighting the exhaustion eating at my will

Because dawn breaks soon
And the day's needs are close
Goodbye until the sky's maroon
I'll miss you today my man in the moon
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