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Aimée Apr 2020
Sweet kettle scent
And sugar clouds
Blinking color lights
And jaunty music loud

Catch a fish
Off the rim
Pop the balloons
So close try again

Sit and spin
Sit and soar
Sick and dizzy
Let's go once more

From light to dark
Hot to cold
One more ride
Around and slow

Share a secret
Share a kiss
Spy a star
And make a wish

Blue, green,
Red and white
Carnival lights
wink out of sight

The rides all sleep
The music fades
Can't wait for tomorrow
For another fair day
I love carnivals but honestly I would be happy to go anywhere
Aimée Apr 2020
Everyone fears pain and death
And after it's over, what will be left
But don't forget tragedy
Can bring us some clarity
About what really matters
When the whole world shatters
Because nobody could care about
The color of your skin if they believe
They will never see you again
We can't argue about sexuality
When we are worried about mortality
We can't put work before family
In the midst of this anomaly
There's no fight, democratic vs republic
When hospital beds are the home of the public
How could we ever fight a war with guns
When a virus is killing us all, old and young
When the war is inside our very lungs
I think we can afford to bite our tongues
Because to strip away contention
Is to leave only compassion
How much good could we do as a whole
If only we thought with the heart and soul
We're born to do good and live to be better
So when we die, we rise with a soul unfettered
Aimée Apr 2020
Anger is solid, immovable, and sharp
The counterpart to soft Joy
Who can mold and shape any heart

Confusion howls and twists up the mind
While peace encircles
Whispering comfort, "all in good time"

Fear is plunging cold, shocking and deep
But Faith guides along
A time-worn trail, to float down like a leaf

Greed, the consuming burn, taking all it touches
While warm Charity, ignites understanding
in light, flickering brushes
We are singular beings in a dimensional world and so will always love in confusion
Aimée Apr 2020
I drank the ocean,
Down to the very last drop
But I still feel empty

I stand on the sun
Blind and burning
But the shadows inside remain

I watch the stars turn
In the black of the night
And see my heart reflected
Aimée Mar 2020
There's a storm in my head
A torrential downpour of pain
With flashes of rage
And thunders of despair

The streets are flooding
And the night is getting dark
And I can't turn the tide
I can't stop the heartache

I feel every emotion but joy
I know hundreds of thousands
Of words that mean pain
So why do they all feel hollow

My hand hovers useless
Above the empty page
Waiting for the storm drains to clear
So the words can flow free

But until then I drown
Aimée Mar 2020
When I was with you
Everything was confused
I can never recall
The during, just the fall
When everything shattered
And suddenly nothing mattered
I didn't think it possible
For it to go so Holocaustal
It was only after dust settled
And you were long gone in revel
When I was no longer smothered
That I finally discovered
That you were toxic not I
And all you words a lie
And even though you're gone
My heart still seizes at your song
And wonder if there's a place I belong
When I carry the scars of your wrongs
Aimée Mar 2020
I hate you

I hate you for making me feel stupid

I hate you for having me believe it was real

I hate you because you were wonderful

And you are supposed to be able to trust

Wonderful people, you never suspect them

But then you feel all the more betrayed

And all the more stupid when it's over

And it had never even begun

So I hate you more than all the rest

Because you were more than all the rest

And hurt me the worse

That's what I want to say

But I can't

Because I still love the angel who ruined me
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