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Aimée 5d
There's a storm in my head
A torrential downpour of pain
With flashes of rage
And thunders of despair

The streets are flooding
And the night is getting dark
And I can't turn the tide
I can't stop the heartache

I feel every emotion but joy
I know hundreds of thousands
Of words that mean pain
So why do they all feel hollow

My hand hovers useless
Above the empty page
Waiting for the storm drains to clear
So the words can flow free

But until then I drown
Aimée Mar 15
When I was with you
Everything was confused
I can never recall
The during, just the fall
When everything shattered
And suddenly nothing mattered
I didn't think it possible
For it to go so Holocaustal
It was only after dust settled
And you were long gone in revel
When I was no longer smothered
That I finally discovered
That you were toxic not I
And all you words a lie
And even though you're gone
My heart still seizes at your song
And wonder if there's a place I belong
When I carry the scars of your wrongs
Aimée Mar 12
I hate you

I hate you for making me feel stupid

I hate you for having me believe it was real

I hate you because you were wonderful

And you are supposed to be able to trust

Wonderful people, you never suspect them

But then you feel all the more betrayed

And all the more stupid when it's over

And it had never even begun

So I hate you more than all the rest

Because you were more than all the rest

And hurt me the worse

That's what I want to say

But I can't

Because I still love the angel who ruined me
Aimée Mar 8
I saw you today
And my eyes were totally clear
I saw you today
And they didn't fill with tears


My heart felt you today
And it didn't ache and crack
My heart felt you today
And it didn't take me back


My hands touched you today
And didn't long to linger
My hands touched you today
And didn't cling to your fingers


My ears heard you today
And didn't hang on the sound
My ears heard you today
And I didn't hear the blood pound


My feet passed you today
And didn't wait for you
My feet passed you today
And didn't run for you


My mind thought of you today
And didn't drag up the past
My mind thought of you today
And told me it was over at last
It's a relief when your heart finally let's go
Aimée Mar 4
To stand on a glass floor
And hear the crack of the ground

To sing your favorite song
And not to hear a sound

To greet a person you love
And have them ask you for your name

To think another an equal
And learn you're a piece in their game

To open you eyes wide
And not to see the light

To walk away from a problem
And later learn that wrong was right

To leave a loved one angry
And remember it was your last look

To discover an object's value
And be too late to return what you took
It was a dark night tonight. It made me realize how many of my actions are taken from fear. But anyway, I hope you enjoy
Aimée Feb 29
If only I could live a hundred life times
To learn ten thousand stories
From the mouths of those survivors
Who lived them on their journeys

And spend a million moments
Unraveling every mystery
From the mundane to the magical
Till I can recite all their histories

Let me spend my waking days
Discovering all the greatest wonders
Hidden in edenic cravasses
And where worlds are torn asunder

But what an incredible waste
To know these mysteries and wonders
If they never make it to the page
Leaving my heart and mind encumbered

With the wisdom of infinity
Without the youthful promise of eternity.
Of all of the amazing things in this world people take the cake. This is because people always have to most incredible stories and once you know a person's story you can never truly hate them.
Aimée Feb 23
Icy fire covers the ground
As the light fades away
The wind holds it's breath
On top of a high cliff place

The horizon, a smear
Of red, orange, and yellow
Black shades divide the sky
Night trees and a dark fellow

Crunching breaks the silence
The sound follow the shape
A small, round stone
Shadow kneels next to grave

The heavenly fire burns down
Leaves the broken man
And his forget me nots
Clenched tight in banded hand
Death is always hard to accept and move past but it show me what really matters
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