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it’s a legend of the past,
my heart is the shelter of my soul,
I look towards the horizon with a hopeful voice and ask the infinite to bring a carnal communion,
through my prayer I ask for body and mind health,
my body is the source of wisdom,
the thought bends with hopes to infinity,
my emotions are the absolute of happiness,
love exists inside me,
by virtue of the attraction of the spiritual will I gather the fruits of time and of eternity,
the power is amplified from Earth towards the infinite.
My book 'The Allure Of Time' is available on amazon.
Seanathon Feb 2019
When words sprout limbs
And grow as trees in the summertime
Steadily until they bare their fruit
Then my thoughts will be hanging within reach
Would you pluck them as you'd pluck some fruit?
And take a tiny bite of me
Or at least of my thoughts?
Would you, wouldn't you?
Would you, wouldn't you?

This might be a duplicate... I'll look into it later.
SelinaSharday Jan 2019
Lemons are lemony and kinda pretty..
A bit sour. But bright and glowy.
Like Lemony days
With a Chance of sugar
Its takes a while just to figure.
Where and when to apply sum sugar.
Apples some aren't ripe so leave them hanging high
Some days are ready and good for preparing Apple pie.
Oranges nice sweet  round and juicy plump.
But Rolling around on
em can be wack and make things go bump.
A variety of cherries..
Can be good on days of pleasantries.
Laughter is good with a bowl of fruity goodies.
Lemons  oranges  apples  and cherries.
Makings of goodness makes for days of
Better weather..
Slushies and Icees no matter where ever.
Especially when a day is Lemony.
You can make it sweet and juicy.
So no worry should a day be lemony.
By selinasharday@H.E.R
Create your days make the best of your days.. spiritual.. mental and physical.
Vexren4000 Nov 2018
A fruit filled with golden promise,
bearing value greater than gold,
Golden juices flowing,
From fruits from ancient times,
A treat bore,
From trees
Growing for eternity,
Bearing fruits for animals and mankind.

Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Small, sweet milk-white squares
Fresh fruits and nuts chopped
Hazelnuts, pistachios,
cashews, dried cherries
Honeyed-almonds, crunch
So toothsome
Eighteenth Epulaeryu! ^-^
Been a while since I had some good nougat, I love when they add more dried fruits such as apricots. They're my favourite.
My sweet-tooth continues to rage, lool!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Silken buttermilk pudding
kissed by vanilla
With gelatin, it stands firm
and gently wobbles
Adorn berry sauce
Gems of fruit
Twelfth Epulaeryu!
Thanks so much for the support, everyone!
It means alot to me! ^-^
Lyn ***
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
The trees pressed to the earth,
Express mirth,
To seasons worth.
Their foliage,changing colours,
A palette for an artist's valour.
Heat,rain and snow,
Through it all,they simply grow.
Their fruits I love to eat,
Under their shade,to rest I sit,
Upon one of them,I build a tree house for my son,
To play and have fun.
High and low on the trees,
Birds' nests I see,
According to their kind,
Beautifully designed.
I breathe their oxygen,
Through my lungs it courses on.
I drink their rain,
Live on their grain,
For them I should give a hand,
To save them on this land.
Trees are important.We must save them.
Özcan Sh Jun 2018
When I first held you in my hands,
you were very tiny
I gave you a house where you can grow up
The sun gave you more and more power
So much that you have always been thirsty
That I often had to call the rain for you
Every day you become taller and more beautiful with your blossoms
And now you take care of me with your tasty fruits
Thank you,
My little cherry tree.
Joseph Xavier May 2018
Looking across my window
I caught a glimpse of summer in the winter,
With you , gold is all that glitters
Pressing my face against the walls of my chamber,
I could smell your cologne even from a dozen meters
As I make for the silhouette fading like  river.

Holding your waist, looking at ur face
Your hair forms a waterfall down your shoulders,
Your lips laced with the nectar of the morning glory,
Feeling the  firm tenderness of your breast,
You face lights up , its the first of December,
Your body heals , you are an amber
Again I rise , a phoenix from the dying embers,
Slowly letting myself fall into your aquifer
Making the nights a now and forever
As we reap the fruits of our passion.
Tm-Narcissus.... Tm-beast.... Tm-god.
I am kamiikazer.... face of the living God. Narcissus amongst men, I am a god. I offer you a drink from my fount of immortality and serve you justice through poetry..."poetic justice"
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
seeds of poetry
fruitful soil

its fruits

hungering hearts
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