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My Petit Prince is dead
Long live my Petit Prince.
There will be no funeral procession
No flowers no crown
No guest list no readings
No musical selections no choir
When my new Petit Prince takes over
As his perfect twin's Nemesis
Always fit and ready cavalier
Born to rise from his ashes
A brave yet inconstant heir
Who kept his secret horses to himself.
His forever surviving princess is a mix of joyful mermaid
And melancolic grasshopper
Who likes to dive and swim
Into words and phrases
And elaborate new grammar constructions
Priyam Jun 26
I am my own enemy
Watering fresh dreams
With stale efforts

I am my own foe
Reaping the fruits of
The dead seeds I sow

I am my own rival
Dying of thirst
But trying to drown first

I am my own nemesis
A perpetual decadent
A fool, A pessimist
annh Apr 26
I dream of you...on nights when the world has worn me out and boxed me in.

Snippets of reality snatched and shackled to tear-away shadows which claw at the fabric of my being. A monstrosity who closes my throat and strangles my peace; who herds my sleeping thoughts towards the abyss; who, with beastly intent, braids my tresses into a net from which I cannot escape.

And who are ‘you’ anyway - my nemesis, my reflection, or myself?

‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.’
- Carl Jung
Osiria Melody Mar 22
Of stupid guiles and intellectual foolishness,
You take my coherent words and set them afire
A conflagration of deceitful gossip,
Catapulting my integrity to the depths of oblivion

A succession of revenge, plot one to one-hundred,
Taking away everything meaningful in my life
Of successful failures and kaput achievements,
You take my benevolent actions and make them backfire

You see, my friEND, I fear you not for I'm smart
Stupid in your eyes, but powerful beyond your pride
E-N-D is all that you'll ever be for betraying me
You will become an obstacle of wrath in this road of life

You rob me of what it means to trust others wholeheartedly,
Frame me up like an obscene portrait in a prudish community,
Blame me like problems were never meant to be solved,
Throw me into a bottomless pit of relentless agony

Someday, you will realize that the friend that I once was
Will be the commencement of your impending suffering
Until nothing is left of your dignity, all witheringly ****

Cut out those so-called "friends" who proclaim to be the "real ones" in your life; you deserve to have friends who aren't toxic at all.
Rob Sandman Feb 2018
Nemesis Tales(The Slaver)
Far to the East, a prowling Beast,
The Prow of the Nemesis Seeks a Feast,
a Tautened crew and a Hardened Master,
avert your eyes Shipmate-he's a Tartar!,
like summonin' a Genie,here he Strides,
The Nemesis Sails and the Harbinger Rides,
above the deeps of the ocean gloom,
where Leviathan sleeps,a Predator looms,
we cut the Line four watches past,
much merriment fore and aft of the mast!,
no Grating rigged, no rating flogged,
"aye not even you you drunken dog!"
avast now mate- just shut your gob,
from the Dragon's Cockpit issues Smog(pun:)
we've seen such Fog before recall?,
Mon Capitan, Le Diabole!

Prepare for squalls messmates of mine,
ill work ahead this side of the Line,
a foul Miasma disturbs me deep,
I toss and turn and spurn my sleep,
A thousand souls cried out to mine,
no fat Merchant, nor Ship of the Line,
could cast such ripples across the surf,
nay, a thousand times this curse is worse,
we beat to quarters no man waver!,
Two points off the Larboard bow- lies The Slaver!,
from every throat there came a Growl,
from those enslaved before a Howl!,
no Mercy Sir? cries one such Martyr,
Nor asked Nor given Shipmate said the Master,
we sink Merchants and live life hard,
and if we're caught we're strung from the Yard,
yet there ahead with the seal of a King,
lies a monster worse,let the chase begin!(Echo)

**She's laden deep, and stinks of Death,
I'll know no sleep til she's sunk in the depths,
All sail Aloft, then run out the guns,
we assault from the East and the rays of the Sun
will blind their eyes until broadsides RIP!
the Lateen Sails from the mast of the ship,
then load with Grape, sweep the deck then board,
and free those souls chained down in the hold,
shackled down from head to toe,
in their filth rocked to and fro
in the Bilge with the avid rats to fight,
some die of plague,of fear of fright,
some just give in and slide to the night,
some founder through and become Wights(important for the next chapter!)
but not this time, its Free or Dead,
now we've work to do, and enough been said
are you with me Crew "AYE ONE AND ALL"
as the Nemesis sails let the Slaver Fall!
This just fell out of me this morning,
**** near put my keyboard out of action trying to catch it all!

I have some of the future shape of The Nemesis in my minds eye,
all I will say for now is The Nemesis is the Ship, the Harbinger the Captain(also know as Master or Master and Commander,as the Nemesis falls somewhere between Privateer and Pirate,rather than "official Navy")
Also that there will be space in the command structure for a being known as *The Revenant* (the Revenant will be the next Chapter in the Nemesis Tales ye Scurvy Swabs!)
Rob Sandman Jan 2018
The Harbour quakes as we break your Boom,
The Nemesis Sails-Harbinger of doom,
A New Chapter - the Sly Celt Raptor,
Bain **** proceed us-Scream in rapture
As The Bodhran shakes your eardrums shatter,
Lightning rakes- your defences Scatter,

It's raiding season!-Take your Oars!,
Boats filled to the brim with Ores and ******
our targets-fat Merchants waddle,
Crimson seas as the Forces Battle

The Morrigan Swaddles our mind with the caul (call)
no Mercy asked(None Given!) SLAY ALL
Widows scream as they're dragged to the Ship
Towns burn to ash in our wake as we rip,  
A Blood red Swathe Through the Dawn in the east,
As the Nemesis Sails,The Harbinger Feasts...
This is the second of "The Nemesis Tales" (Number one is just called The Nemesis and is up here)
a Serial tale based around a Demon Ship called somewhat obviously The Nemesis,
there will be blood!
I let you see me
And touch me
And now it might be too late to run.

I don't do this to myself.
I am not the girl who falls
before she looks
Or trusts fate as a fixall
Or trusts anyone
at all.

But you are terrifying.
You are the girl who less afraid than I am
You drive like a ******* devil and you've hit me
You're crazy and you're making me crazy.
You're the type of racing heart terror that stops my breath
When you walk in
Last night I realized I'm in huge trouble.
Because the fright won't leave and I can't seem to breathe
******* for making me feel again.
On terms that aren't my own.

I just want to know if I make you worry
Or if I've made you feel a fear you haven't for a while
I can be terrifying too. At least, my head says so
I am a whirlwind, but you smile
In the face of danger.

I just want to know if there's something to this.
Will you love me
Or will you be my Nemesis?
I hope you accidently **** in front of your date
I hope when you're on a diet you're still gaining weight
I hope your red shirt dyes your white clothes pink
I hope when you're at the bar you always get the wrong drink
I hope you forget the words whenever you hold a speech
I hope there's no spots left when you go to the beach
I hope you run out of matches when you need a smoke
I hope nobody laughs at your funniest jokes
I hope that when you shave you'll quickly get all furry
I hope you miss the train everytime you're in a hurry
I hope your fruits and vegetables gets bad really quick
I hope your one night stand hasn't showered when you choke on his ****
F*** you, old friend.
I wander down the path
Seemingly still and quiet
No shadows in sight
But a light so bright
What could be, this Enigma?
I’m mesmerized, so transfixed
And with its grace and beauty
It rejects every stigma

my Invigoration
simple conjuration
of feeble elation
becomes condemnation
an exacerbation
of lost contemplation

falling to the floor i find myself
beyond salvation and left to starvation
I did not choose this, to feel this, or to be thrown away
My intentions are gold, no ill will in sight
but they choose to see what they want

A figure engulfs the horizon
Shrouded and concealed from the world
It charges forth as a familiar phantom
It strikes me back as I stagger away
Its cloak blackens the sky to my dismay
as air evaporates bleeding my mind astray
but hope is in sight for I have found a knife!
again and again, Brutus would be proud
for the pool beneath the figure must end my strife
and to the figure, I remove its cowl
lo and behold, the face is my own
reality then breaks at the seams
to have this fate, I couldn’t have known
lost and diluted much like my dreams
My hands remain red
Trapped in my own head
-About those times when you feel like you're constantly ruining everything-
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