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Cozyflowz Mar 2020
Why am I scared to write,
My views are yet to be reviewed, my actions beats me off my words, I try to express my feelings but something holds me back,

My inner thoughts holds a lot to say,  am scared to write, perhaps I may write wrong about others,
I might review their secret,

this are those review am scared to write now everyone will know,
I guess I have nothing to say, let me keep my thoughts to myself, it may damage what people sees about me,

This Scriptophobia can't take my whole part away,
I know I can do this, I have to stay strong, yes I can, but I know I'm scared to write, but still I believe I can.
Afraid to share your thoughts.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Dams, brimming, full.
A pretty sight, but frightens all;
Raging rains, more pain!
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Soft, sensual rain.
Danced naked with her once;
Her face now frightens!
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
When I stare
It started to frighten me

Zombie in the mirror.
Note: Replacing “I” with “It”. Writing is liberating.
AD Snail Jan 2018
Another year has left and gone,
Fear has now consumed my soul,
Unable to take back all the foregone.

They promised me my life wasn't a pawn,
But I don't think I can keep leading myself on.

I try not to worrying over all the issues and unknowns.

As the clock turns twelve, my heart skips a beat,
Fear is clenching it; trying to bring it into a waltz.
My thoughts screaming out to me,
'Don't allow it to sweep you away!'

As everyone is consumed with joy, making new years resolutions;
I am consumed by anxiety, paranoia sweeping me off my feet,
Singing to me all the things to panic about.

As everyone shall party, and stay awake,
I shall go to bed, trying to sleep and keep all the thoughts at bay.
I'm frighten to lose
I'm frighten to play
I'm frighten to get
Another okay
Ami Shae Jul 2015
Even though life seems to be teaching me
sometimes I wonder if ever
I will truly and without doubt
feel like I am really free...

                                        (for you see, sometimes
                                        the fears, the nightmares
                                        come back in the dark of night
                                        and I lay there shivering with absolute fright!)
and then I think if I close my eyes tight
they (the monsters in my head)
will not be able to see
just how much they're frightening me--
but still, the darkness lurks
at the end of every single day
and I have to manage somehow
to keep the fears/monsters/my pain at bay...

                                         So, even though life seems to be teaching me
                                         sometimes I wonder if ever
                                         I will truly and without doubt
                                         feel like I am really free...
I'm getting better about shoving it out of my head, but still have my rough nights... :(
The Truth Apr 2014
In the dark, where it is scary, unable to see
you feel like you got this animal trying to break free
Unable to hold back all your misery
Feeling like what you see is just trickery
Sick and tired feeling pain that is trying to numb
Trying to get pass it, while you feel like you're the only one
Can't control whats going on around
Unable to ignore your own surroundings
While all you just try to do is keep breathing
But you sitting here with a wound, bleeding
While Satan pulls out his blade and stabs you,
Trapped in his head, looking to be freed
While you like up, and see the light
And realize you are able to fight
Putting your arms out, reaching for your life
Able to pull out Satan's knife
You stand and turn all your fears to stone
Then turn around and realize, **You Are Not Alone
I know most are not interested in this note but, This poem is for those who feel depressed, and are looking for something to relate too.
You can fight it, just remember you always have friends who care enough to "Pull Satan's Blade" out of you.
He scared her badly
And the way she looked at him
Was never the same.

— The End —