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What do you do?
When your friend has a scar
So deep in the hearth
And it's bleeding nothin but tears
Sometimes it doesn't matter, if you are good or bad. The only thing that matters is, if you are.
I recently had a fight with my sister about being a bad brother. I'm never home. .  .  So she is right, I'm a bad brother, but in the end, I'm a  brother.
Why do we share a poem?

I only write to myself
As a memory of what I was
As a reminder of whom I'm trying to be
Rather than all the love I ever had
Rather than all the money I ever had spent
Rather than all the faith I ever had
Give me truth in all your words
I'm currently flirting with this girl. However, I can't tell, if she thinks the same way I do...

I hope that one day.
I can see the truth.

"if you want something in life reach out and grab it" - Christopher McCandless
Am I a bird or a fish?
Do I fly until I fall frozen dead.
Or do I swim every day in the same water like an aquarium fish.
I'm still wondering about this question...
There is nothing above me
I’m living life on a pedestal
peace and quiet is all I see
with my sight that ranges for miles

time keeps passing
but I’m not getting old
every day is sunny
so I’ll never feel cold

I’m living the way I want
everything is as it should
you can ask me if you wish
but you know it’s all good

My life is the picture
that I myself drew
everything I could wish for
has finally come true

My life is like a song
I can’t help but sing
but everything is changed
once I hear the alarm ring
I pondered
if there is more to pain?
the installs jabbered to me
the counselor of pain trounced my love
I reasoned
if there is more to pain?
would the pain ever end?
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