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Aaron Feb 2019
In another hour or two
I will elect to make a choice
That may leave me in ecstasy
Or mind-numbing misery
And I go to this choice in content freedom's slavery
I'm playing out the patterns that were set in skin
Here's the song, on repeat from within

I need to see where dragons be
Here's the maps, where's the me?
A deeper search for centricity
Swallowing itself into infinity.

If you were in a cage, and you knew,
What would you choose to do?
It seems that maybe that's the key -
The only way to be free is to learn to play,
because even searching for the exit is just another way
To get caught up in the plot and grime and crust
An inevitability - maybe there's no way to be clean
And trying not to play is just the same old game
Biting our own hands doesn't make us any less tame
Because these are the colors we're meant to spark;
You can't steal the song from the throat of the lark
because it's meant to be sung and shared and put on display;
If my life is just a splash of color against the gray,
Well that's okay -
I don't need a time share on eternity to have a life well lived
All I have, I freely give.
Name halp? ;-;
I'm frighten to lose
I'm frighten to play
I'm frighten to get
Another okay
Jonny blaze Aug 2015
I was to busy showing love overlooked all the hate In the end I cleansed my garden cleared out all the snakes became more acustome to this game hardly any real people due to all these people that are fake
Is there love to show hell no why because people are quick to change on you like the Google logo
Tis MIC May 2015
I could not imagine
The way you jested me
I guessed
I would be the game to play, to laugh
When you were boring
When you had no one beside
But I did not fathom you were bad like this.

I wait and wait
For the one who just fights for his joys              
Do take no interest in other feelings                        
Which make noise in my thinking                    
"You are no good"
My mind struggles
Between what you have done and what you haven't done
To me, to others          
Just feel disappeared more than ever.
You are false.
Someone told "He is a bad guy". I used not to believe.

— The End —