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Eli Apr 2
i wish i never asked you if you still felt the same.
it doesn’t matter anymore.
i rather live in a lie than lose you.

i’m so sorry for everything.
the real clown
The Truth Jul 2016
I pledge allegiance, to materialism
Of the apportioned states of America
And to the Government
For which it hides, One nation
Under false pretense, Dividable, with dependability and unethicalness for all
*Note the matter of me replacing god with false pretense was not to disrespect. This is the Pledge of Allegiance, revised in a way that shows more government control, than the control of the people.
The Truth Jul 2016
We are no longer land of the free
We are like lions, locked without a key
We conform to the simplest of commands
We bow and bend to every demand
We pledge allegiance to tradition of lies
We refuse to stand up, we no longer rise
We are a cancer, one killing millions
We no longer care for fellow civilians
We are bitter, we have grown separate
We rarely help those whom are desperate
We are sad, alone, and losing our youth
Yet, there are many who refuse The Truth
The Truth Jul 2016
Another Year
Of pain and suffering
Another Year
Of depression and wondering
Another Year
Of being fake and hidden
Another Year
Of living without a vision
Another Year
That I wasted here
Another Year
Being lived in fear
So here's to another year
One more closer till I disappear
The Truth Jul 2016
Today I saw a bitter truth, one that was ignored for years. People walked by it everyday, and not once greeted it. They were too busy, caring about words from others. They allowed cowards to thrash their dignity. The bitter truth is, we no longer care for our neighbors. We used to talk to them, meet them, be friends with them. all we do is insult them, ignore them, and deny them. Maybe one day...a new generation can return traditions of old..or just like these notes, be forgotten as time passes by.
The Truth Jul 2016
I often find myself lost in my head
Deep in m thoughts hoping to get ahead
When I can't be with you, I'd rather be dead
When I can't talk to you, I dream instead
Think of these words, when youre lost in thought
Think of the smiles and laughs that I brought
This isn't my final goodbye, it is made to pass the time
So here is a poem, that poorly rhymes
And hold on to the image that we've made
Please stay away from that blade
Hold on for me, cause I'll be home
I promise you, you aren't alone.
The Truth Jul 2016
Can you feel your soul being misplaced?
Do you feel your existence being a disgrace?
Is it sad, that you've fallen from grace?
Fighting for a future you aren't ready to face
Living a life you don't even want to embrace
Coning in last in this futile race
Feeling like a toy that's out of place
Trying to remember as your retrace
Thinking you're living, buts that's not the case
Going too fast, you cant keep up the pace
Being swallowed by your very past
Hoping that having fun will always last
Do you feel it, as it leaves your soul
Capturing yourself before you feel whole
Swallowed and drowned in internal darkness
The pleasure only obtained, how it was so bliss
It was all fun in games, till I tasted Deaths Kiss
The Truth Jul 2016
Frowning upon my reality
Looking at the old parts if me
Unable to breath, feeling as if I've drowned
Feeling the pain and suffering when I look around
Fighting for my life, has become my price
Yet you never cared to ask me twice

Ignorant to the history of my scars
Singing along as music floats off my guitar

Realizing I am the only one to blame
Ever so wishing I can reset this game
Awaiting the day, he finally let's me fly
Living onwards till the day that I die
Fluffy is just another name I used for depression
The Truth Jul 2016
When the body falls and lands into the dirt
Would you care to guess which one hurts?
The bullet that killed him, or the scars that bled
Ignoring your feelings in these words you read
If you were to write upon his tombstone
"The boy who always felt so alone"
Would you point and laugh, Caring not to cry?
Or try to act cool, and tell your friends a lie?
As you continue to build a persona of a facade
Which is created through media and catalogs
A kid sells his should to his very blade
Hoping to escape the images you made
But when its too late and you think you're brave
You search for this kid that's lost in the cave
The kid that's to far gone to be saved
The same kid you pushed into his grave.
A poem made for bullies, and for those whom do not take self harm seriously.
The Truth Jul 2016
My wounds go deeper then the ones on my wrist
My scars hurt more than the blood on my wrist
My tears won't fall, I'm emotionally conflicted
While inflicting this pain is my most sincere addiction
It hurts so much, I just want to cut deeper
Bleeding out, awaiting the arrival of the reaper
Scars so deep, I no longer care to smile
Wishing I could slip away for a while
To fade away, leave my troubles behind
Only if the voices in my head were as kind
Wishing for the time my body decays
That is when I live my final day
When family and friends all beg me to stay
Most importantly its when my scars fade
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