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Wary Apr 2022
The moment where I caught you being completely with me,
The moment where I found you doing
Something for the sake of my happiness,
The moment where we both were lost in the view of each other's eyes,
The moment where our hearts found peace close to each other,
The most beautiful moment of "US".
You, Me, happiness, our eyes, hearts, and Us.
Wary Nov 2020
One day I suddenly opened my personal dairy and a letter dropped from it...
I took it from the floor and opened it...
The statement written on it made me burst out with tears....
And the statement was....
     (And I scream out please come back)!!
Wary Nov 2020
They asked so how are you living without him..?
And I replied:
with those lovable texts, those unforgettable memories, and remembering those insane feeling of touch.
I am loving you more day by day
Wary Nov 2020
He the Aquarius (air) and I the Sagittarius (fire)  meant to be the true soulmates in our astrology,
He was the air to my fire as fire can't spread without air;
But, everything is so changed now that nothing matters at all now.
No more with each other
Wary Nov 2020
I am those shed flowers of that tree under which we were use to meet ...
Wary Oct 2020
Drowning in your memories,
After getting abandoned.
Unstable by my mind,
As you remain persistent in my thoughts.
Dreaming about you,
As waiting for your retort.
Started believing in unimaginable things,
Just to make you forever mine.
Loosing my smile my goals,
Since you shattered me the most.
Started hating from bottom of my heart,
Thus, can't be loving you anymore.
Though I won't be able to;
As I become stable and happy with what you have left for me.
Happy with our memories
Wary Oct 2020
Stopped drowning in your memories
Started living happily in my own dreams
Because being stable and self loving
That's the spirit of a happy human being
Happy life
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