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Mary-Joy Mar 26
I don't know what to do in times of crises,
I couldn't hold a hose for the raging bushfire,
I am not in a lab seeking for a cure,
But I know that I can give where I can,
A kind word,
Or a lending hand,
I can give a few dollars to those that need cents,
I can try to do what I can,
So that's what I will try to do then I'll give in anyway that I can.
Mary-Joy Mar 26
I gave my last breath,
Whirling through a galaxy,
You didn't hear me protest cause I gave my best,
Just to see the galaxy.
Mary-Joy Feb 25
You could tell she was trying hard,
Which girl doesn't try to mould their own skin to fit in?
You could tell she was trying to impress,
But as someone who knew better, I should have told her to rest,
But she was trying to hard to make it,
She was going all the way to fake it,
And I could tell,
She wore the sheepish smile,
But I knew this act so well,
She was like me,
I am like her,
She was a miss that just didn't fit,
No matter her effort,
She wasn't going to fit,
Cause neither did I,
And as I watched her try I knew why I gave up,
Cause I was a misfit and I had it tough.
Mary-Joy Feb 25
A place of love and laughter,
Of smells of food,
And tummies full,
With delicious pasta meals,
Memories that feel so distant,
I really wish I was back in Nonna's kitchen.
Mary-Joy Feb 25
The teacups are out,
The biscuit jar is open,
The trolley is full to push down the hallway,
Into the lounge room,
To sit together and spend some time,
I really liked my Nanna's kitchen,
Reminds me of them happy times.
Mary-Joy Feb 24
I caught the infection,
Didn't think I could,
Suppose rejection isn't something to be taken lightly,
I suppose an infection of rejection needs a cure,
And I feel that way for sure,
I don't like to feel rejected,
On the sidelines of what's happening around me,
It feels like nobody wants to know me,
It feels like I am able to spread my infection to those who surround me,
But I do not want to reject anyone else,
I know how it feels within myself,
I want to be included,
I want to be invited,
Sick and sad of hiding away,
Rejection is an infection,
The only cure is acceptance and inclusion, its never too help someone feel included today.
Mary-Joy Feb 24
If racism were a marathon,
I wouldn't be prepared for it,
The incline of hate,
And the decline of understanding,
And admit I can't outrun racism,
I won't even try it,
Cause if it is you vs me I'll fall,
Cause if is me vs you, you'll stand taller,
But if I can reunite a few,
Who have experienced racism too,
And tell them no hate is hate,
Don't need to fight or debate,
We can try to win this race,
As a team that has faced,
The hate of another human being,
They bullied us for our skin,
They bullied us because we don't fit in,
They bullied us and told us no,
But this time it's time for hate to go,
So no I can't outrun racism,
But I can try and take the lead,
Show this world a much better inclusive humanity,
Do you want to join this team?
Mary-Joy Feb 24
It doesn't depend on your opinion of them to figure out who you are,
Yes, you are your scars,
Yes, you are the times you failed,
No, it doesn't define you,
It doesn't depend on others pointing our your past mistakes to figure out who you are now,
Because maybe you were fake back then,
Maybe you'd like to take back what you did then,
But who are you now?
What are you becoming?
Think you can do it,
Tell yourself you'll get through it,
Apologise for your failings,
Because you are not a failure now,
And this is who you are,
Better than who you were.
Mary-Joy Feb 22
It's like water rushing over me,
Trying to drown me,
It's an impossible feeling,
Release me,
This cool feeling has got me reeling,
Sinking towards the bottom where I can't even scream.
Mary-Joy Feb 1
Oodle doodle don't be a poodle,

Oodle doodle I'll put you in a strudel,

Ooddle doodle your on my mind,

My pen is tracing your ****** lines,

And you are so divine,

Oddle doodle like rhythm and rhyme,

The beat matches the tempo,

At which you slide.
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