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K Jul 2019
If you wait too much time, whatever words you say won't matter anymore because that person didn't hear them when he/she needed to. They won't mean anything.

It's understandable that time may have helped you feel or think different than the way you used to, so the words finally came to you... just don't wait too much to say them, because time will also help that person feel or think different.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

Life goes too quickly
And death can come in an instant,
So say what you must,
Before you miss the chance to say what was meant.

A flash of bright light
And everything changes.
So choose to make a choice;
Do not let ok become a maybe.

Regret nothing that could not have been changed;
If you would do all you could,
Then how could you have stopped things from ever being this way?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
Although this seems so new
I’ve known you for years
And while you’ve grown up a lot
Since our days of kissing on concrete
Your soul emits the same beautiful waves
That I fell in love with 5 years ago.

So as we walk around the pet store today
My heart is screaming
I love you
And the anxiety squeezes my organs into nothingness
Pouring acid through my insides
And burning until I build up the courage
To translate my internal dialogue
Into something real
Because it’s not real if I don’t say it

*I’m ready to say it
Red Fox Nov 2015
So I do more than Say It
Never less when I Do It
For you I gotta Prove It
You're the goal
And I just gotta get to it.
Even though others want you
I know what I want to
And I hope it's mutual
And we can make this perpetual.

Just to clarify,
This isn't just ******
More of a pursuit based on intellectual.
With a little thirst,
Knowing I'll never be the first.
Just hoping to be your last;
Wanting more than just convos
Through our Apple and Samsung glass.
Just hoping to get past
These Instagram filter at last.
Savannah Jane Jan 2015
say you love me.
say it like you mean it.
tell me you hate me.
I know you mean it.
say you can't take me.
I know you don't.
tell me I'm too much.
I know I am.

— The End —