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Latina1813 Feb 2018
You agree
When you want to shout, curse, and swear
The Almighty....answer this weeping willow
Made of concrete air
Of unfeeling movement
You cower behinds browned bodies, montezuma minds, and your license
Power to go as you please, be as you please, please help me to see
The inner child trapped in mordant cornerstones, and sitting on your own weight
To grasp the folly by the throat and twist him into existance
Not so much absolution
In agreement with other fancies
Prayers unanswered
Dwelling on ginger hands and knees
In ******* when his course has never enter into being....real
Or really close
His path to plunge thick into purple passionate trance
His path askew from my own
Though a followed trendy line
A drink
When it makes your journey into trees, and speed, and gluttony
A laugh
When scorned mouth spewed and sput into russet wounds already *****
A smoke
When it clogs your memory into patchwork and quilted thoughts unwoven
Youre unspoken!
You agree?
Write this about a friend who never spoke their mind and always agreed with everyone else. Its like we all never got to really know him.
Johnny Parsons Jan 2018
Not accepted by who you are,
Not accepted by a friendship that has come so far,
Being turned twisted and tortured,
Just to become the person who people want you to be,
Trying to show the person everyone likes to see,
Holding every emotion close to your heart,
Just so no one sees a weakness has become an art,
Nobody knows what you go through everyday,
They just show selfishness and expect to see you fake.
No longer can I hold these feelings back towards people I hate, love and fancy,
Although by doing this will mean I'm taking some chances.
Not being accepted by who you are,
Losing friendships that have come so far.
Raziel Jan 2018
Follower of none, protector of one,
A door once open, oh what happened?
Chains once firm, when will I learn?
What once was dawn, has now become dusk,
Now I am cold, and I was once told,
“follow or fall, crawl down this hall,
Bow and grovel, conform to your mold,
You are a sin, let go of your hopeless hold,
No one can help, not even your kin,
So trust me when I say don't trust,
Follow me when I say don't follow,
A cell is just another word for home,
This bed is where you wallow,
I hear the dirt of a grave,
Is just a blanket so plain,
Deeper you fall,
Down this hall,
Chains once firm,
Door once open,
Follower of one, protector of none.
hazael-fae Mar 2017
your mind may be lost, but everything lost can be found. You don't know where you should be, you don't know if you can be. What you want to be is someone else's 'being' You CAN NOT force your mind to be another, to  think feel and act like others. You should let your mind breath, let it pull itself where it desires to be. Where you want to be deep down. Someone else's 'being' is not yours. You need to find your own reason to be.
this is mostly about how people lose themselves to be like others, to follow others and other peoples foot steps, this is something I've gone through. I'm looking around this room I'm in, reading the people who are going through what I've gotten past.
Tiauna Oct 2016
It's crazy
How I'd follow you across the world
And wouldn't even think twice...
I am the light that guides you,
Should you be seeking to leave the dark.


I can be the shadows that immerse you,
Should the light have left you blinded.
Incomplete, I'll be adding to this.
Mr X Jun 2015
Those who neither choose
To lead nor follow,
Lead themselves to a new path
And follow it eventually.
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