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hazael-fae Nov 2021
In the depths of the autumn wind
I find myself stirring on my travels
Where i found myself lost by the ocean
I knew my way home was to the mountians
Where the crisp air flows
Where the snow will fall heavy
Where the caribou run free
I walk along the same river my ancestors built and lost their wigwams
I light flames where many danced to the sacred heartbeat
My home didnt feel home by the waves
hazael-fae Nov 2020
Morning hue of sunrise sends her skin a golden kiss. Lingering thoughts lead into coffee stained note pads. She grants her body love with movement, she listened to her breath, counting each inhale as it was like a wave rushing in.
hazael-fae Oct 2020
Lavender filled skies with cotton clouds
Everything feels as still can be
I feel like I am the only person in the world
The sweet taste of salty air
The grains of sand flutter over my skin
A feeling so blissful.
The small things open my eyes to the beauty all around us all.
The waves push the grains dancing
the sea shells settle into the shore
Tomorrow's treasures that create
Memories and romance.
The first star shines through the rushing clouds.
  Oct 2020 hazael-fae
I'll stay and mend the world for you
And take care of the pain if you want me to

I'll fill the cracks with your favourite words
And keep you in shape when the world is not

I'll provide you with laughter when you're running low on joy
And advice on the heavy days
hazael-fae Dec 2019
She's riding within the tides of ups and downs
they roar in with strength
hitting her hard

This sends her flying
her whole reality spinning
she's twirling in a euphoric feeling

She's drowning in thoughts
settling into a panic
she's craving stillness

but she's surrounded by chaos
another wave comes crashing
sending her dancing with her demons

then suddenly the water becomes still
the waters covered in a peace hue
she apologies to her body.
hazael-fae Nov 2019
Catch the flowing creak water pouring with energy
Fill your ***
Pile in the bays
The loose chamomile
Crumble in the dry autumn leaves
A dash of sage in the hands of three
One sprinkles rose pedals
Another a chunk of ginger
And a swirl of peppermint oil.
A whole apple
Fresh pine trimmings
Three pine cones
As it comes to a boil and the smoke pours
The smell will grace the space
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