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Latina1813 Apr 2022
How could I know you really love me
When u don't love like I do
How do any lovers
Communicate their feelings
Their truths
How can anyone trust
What another says to you
When my love
Is so different
Than any love given to you
How can I see where ur love lies
And bends
And ends
When I love like fire
And you love like wind.
We could start a blaze
Or burn out and that's it
How can any lover know
When love is resilient
Or resistant
Latina1813 Apr 2022
I can't say ur a safe bet
I can't give anything to u
I can't live thru more regret
U seem to want to have fun
I just want someone
Who would love me
Someone to hold
...but u were so cold
Latina1813 Dec 2021
so im here to baby sit while u cry over ur
non ex
ex cause me
I dont buy it
I won't even waste my change on it
u can't change
I won't even give u a tip
ur just a cosmic tragedy
let ur emotions
dictate ever single movement
and that's why I cant see thru the *******
sorry but I got 30/20 vision
In both eyes
sometimes in my dreams
I can see our destiny's
yet u still here lying about the present
can't u see it hurts me to see
the truth come true
it's resilient
I see a truth 30/20 vision
dat u just can't accept
or admit to
telling u the end of usĀ  begins with you
you just can't actually be true
u just can't actually be genuine
I pity you
a tragic comedy
something outta a Shakespearean tragedy.
Latina1813 May 2019
He is an RnB boy
He sings RnB song
But he doesnt know love
No love at all
Latina1813 Mar 2019
Wake up with heart ache and regrets
With ocean eyes
Snowing on bare lips
That havent felt your kiss in awhile
Cold shoulders couldnt be more arctic
Anti-love is the game
Everyone is playing
So those of us who still have hearts to give
Wake up with nothing but aches and regrets
And eyes filled like oceans
Latina1813 Feb 2019
In this life ive seen people laugh, cry and get high
Only influence standing between the right and left side
Ive felt courage die
And made love lost
Turned such chaos into neccessities
When life isnt suppose to be about material things
Not doe, not hoes, win at all cost, or by any means
Because in time those ingredients bleed
And bore wounds deep
Six feet
Ive seen six eyed monsters creep into hearts still breathing
And transplant its last beats
And beats and beats
Until beats turn into stringed melody
Strangled cries of insanity
Breathing life of normality
Of sorrow bought on black markets
Of dreams tranished
It is love life has yet to witness
Life is a tragedy
Feeling the glass is half empty
We take hits harder than dome would deem pleasurable
When we are living a fable
We run dead end to locked walls holding back dreams
Somewhere we all bare witness to unbearable things
When life is a blessing turned more of a curse
We wonder if we should laugh, cry, or get high first
Latina1813 Feb 2019
When u have a small voice.
Its easy to be talked over
Im also a small grl
Ppl think im easy to walk over
I have a tiny voice
That doesnt carry in a room
I have a voice
Ppl ignore
And ideas ppl never hear
Cuz they block out my voice
And muffle my sounds
They cancel my words
And shut out my mouth
Speaking tones
Im unknown
But they dont care
They dont listen
To a tiny voice wit big visions
And grandeur dreams
But somehow they sequester everything i say
And shut down everything i speak
And they will never know me
Or the beautiful things i see
Because my words r nothing
But mumbled speech
As they talk over me and my tiny tiny voice
In your large room
Could there ever be room for me
And my voice to echo
Could there ever be....
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