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True Follower of the Scatman
Scattonia    Awake, Scattonians Arise! Like the Pheonix's last Look to the Rise of Scattonia! And First days will be Glorious How we will Scat for him!


Hawk Flight Jun 2014
So I see that my poems have started trending. And according to my friend it has to do with the people that follow me.
And as of this moment I have 15 followers (6/3/2014). Cool. So I guess thanks are in order for all of you

1.Sierra Leone  - You were my first follower on here so thank you I apprecaite it.

2. Ranger - You were my second follower. and you are a friend on my "little sister". thanks for the follow

3. Fenix Flight - I am surprised you werent my first follower. BUt regardless, you are the reason I am even on this site so thank you sis.

4. Summer Skye - My fourth and lucky follower. the sister of my "sister" thanks little LF, I am grateful you gave me the honor of being followed by you.

5. Zero Zaneh  - Fifth follower, Thank you man. your work is good.

6. Stace  - sixth follower. we never talk or whatnot, but your work is really good.

7.  IJ Keddie -  seventh follower, thank you. your work is interesting. I like it.

8. Beryldov Lew - eighth follower, thank you. every follow means something to me

9. ᏰέƦẙḽԃṏሁ Լέῳ -  ninth follower. I do not understand your name but i like the work you put up

10. That Asian Josh - tenth follower. (dont take this the wrong way but) We asains must stick together right?. your work is intersting. I enjoy reading it

11. POETIC T - eleventh follower. Marvel? **** yeah man. keep up the cool work

12. Namir- twelvth follower (i cant spell for ****) Dude really it took you this long to follow me -.-. come on, but thanks for it anyway. your work is intense.

13 ISverre G Holter  thirteenth follower. your work is cool. I like it. keep it up

14.PrttyBrd- Fourteenth follower, you started following me last night (6/2/14)  after my poem Life started trending. thank you

15.Nanna Harrow -fifteenth follower, last but not least. you as well started following me last night after my poem Life started trending. thanks for the boost of confedence

There you have it folks. all the people who on here think I am worth something to follow. thanks to each and everyone of you.
sorry for any mispelling. I am half asleep writting all this
and I dont really know how to express my emotions so if it sounds stiff and rude I apologize. I realy do apprecaite all of you. I thought my work was crap. but I guess it isnt. you guys show that.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
A follower
Not always a fan
Lion follows
The zebra
Zebra's death knell
A follower
Not always a fan
Cat follows the mice
Mice's enemy
A follower
Not always a fan
Termites follow the books
Books' destroyer
A follower
Not always a fan
Water follows  the  *****
*****'s eroder
A follower
Not always a fan
Fire follows the woods
Woods' destroyer
A follower
Not always a fan
Ego follows your head
Head turns blind
Learn it
The simple way
Your follower
Not always a fan