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Ramón 2d
Discipline your mind to think rationally and realistically
Let your reasons rhyme and your rhymes never be without reason
Resist resistance and render all rendering rendered
Be relentless with repentance,
righting every wrong until there’s only room for rewards
Whether god sent or godless be on guard regardless
Rearrange the soul of your renegade, show him how to be a real man
Until the distribution of retribution, this is the restitution
And remember, you are who you think
a whirl
on heels
with a
shrew could
strew the
map with
their features
a cartographer
drew in
their wild
fantasy with
red carpet
with their
faction pursued
a revolution
with Stanton
à la carte
Desire Dec 2018
To the racial remarks: we're all one race - the human race. To the discriminant: don't live the lie that you're superior - we're all just human beings. To the stereotypes: silly sayings don't define someone, not even in the slightest. To supporters: seek light and see if what spurs you is worthy or even righteous. To those in denial: Wake up and seek wisdom - may your ignorance wear off. To the independent: families broken are dependents isolated - individuals internally lost. To the prosecutor: if you were victimized, how would you feel? To the victims: voice yourselves - your vulnerability can be used as a virtue. To the impacted parents and children: continue to climb this mountain, and maybe America will consider your cries. To the next generation: sorry my generation, in many ways, has already failed you... To the next generation: do better than us, and by doing so, you'll prevail too...
XIX. Reform
XyL0S Nov 2018
Colours have faded
off the walls
but the walls remain.
So much pain in the bottom of a seally bag
And it reminds me of the life I could of really had
For every scar on my arm it never made me stay clam
Left my head ringing like alarm
The itch always burning like its ******
A need that I just couldn't run away from
And when I look around today and wonder where the **** have all my mates gone
Shackled up in chains I can't see they will ever break from
An this is only take one
But there's no take two
Thousand hits of Dimitri
still couldn't break through
So I'll have to make do
Knowing there's a part of me that loves and a part that really hates you
I never meant to hate you
I never meant to hate you
Shame Jul 2018
I dream up lines
Spread a word
For the birds

The birds want
the bird feed

I swat the flies
Benchmark the binds
Stress the test
Do my best

The soul wants
what it wants

I've been too excited
About the things I learn
I've forgotten to hide it

The world is dark
The world is light
Which we define
Which we divide

Cut up and give a form

My heart is ill
I eat the pills
My mind is gone
I may be wrong

More often than I'm right

Lights in the skies
Here come aliens

While I'm on LSD
Brian McDonagh May 2018
There’s no true newness
In renewing traditions.
If we as a people are called to accept change,
Then such gatherings and conventions as church
Should ponder anew
The possibilities of conforming
To accepting that a deity like the Holy Spirit
Cannot be contained to a breviary
Or even within walls for that matter.
I’m not necessarily promoting any sort of evangelism,
But elevating ecumenism
And a grand renewal of what it means
For those confined to the guilt and shame
That can come from church catechism, church magisterium,
Church this-and-that
To have their own way of approaching spirituality.
Let’s all be Richard Rohrs and St. Francises,
Not rebuilding a church,
But disassembling a building
That separates believers of faith.
If we are all friends,
Why do we hide behind walls?
Can we not bear
What other brethren might believe?
Let’s combust the world,
Scorching sameness,
Fueling newness.
There really needs to be reform particularly in the Catholic church.  I'm Catholic and I know what I have experienced; it's like one church I go to seems more institutionalized while another a gateway to easy friendships.  Again, church poem though it may seem, please perceive how you like; the sky's the limit with imagination!
Ilunga Mutombo May 2018
If a busy gun takes lives
Then silent leaders do worse
They burn lives, hang knuses on the innocent
Voice your pain or get blessed with a curse
Blood shed Schools
We elected fools
Wrong leaders to lead us
Pushing useless agenda’s
While feeding us propaganda
Halls covered red
thousands of innocent people killed
At the expense of gun reform laws
Watching news with dropped jaws
We sit in silence
while the voiceless die for peace
Silver Raven May 2018
Built to perfection
From metal destruction
Sent in to battle
Where all men turn to dead cattle
Only for satisfaction
Left with no compassion
Built to perfection
From metal destruction
Rust from tears and screams
Their blood starts to stream
Piece by piece she falls apart
Second by second she loses heart
Weakened from hells playground
She will return to the underground
Zinc, copper, silver, aluminum
No longer perfection, just the bare minimum
She was an argonaut
that paper nautilus discreet
where an edict for office
still home for a style
if their buzz did set a trend
that syndicated grams  
and lingered with a spruce Cabernet
while it torched their foray  
that whirred travel to the dale
of Welsh Mount Snowdon  
where I sought Kopechne
if squires didn't vaunt missions
with these measured students
and were really left behind!
a resume from chappaquiddick
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