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Tiauna Aug 2020
If I can’t have you how I want you
Then whats the point
I can’t love you like I want to
So I’ll roll this joint
And I’ll smoke it to the roach
Because I’ll be alone
I’d rather be high right now
And listen to these sad *** love songs
My love, You were my home
You were my comfort
A part of my heart
You could have been mine
But you played your part
And now we just exist
8 billion people in this sea
But you were my fish
You were my wish
My favorite person to kiss
How do I fight for us
If you won’t fight for me
I wanted this to work out
But I’ll let it be.
Just rhyming my feelings.
Tiauna Apr 2018
I became relevant
Everyone is watching me now
But This wasn't the attention i wanted
Seems like everyone was getting their blessing
But i continued to stay haunted
Maybe this was my spotlight
For them to see my life declining
This was the peak in my journey
I called it perfect timing
In the midst of avoiding depression
And escaping my anxiety
That whole entire time i had something growing inside of me.
"Extra extra! I have cancer read all about it"
A poem i wrote a while back about me finding out i had cancer.
Tiauna Nov 2017
I'm sitting here regretting i gave you the time of day
See it's been a while since I gave my love away
It's been some time since I put my trust in someone
It's been some time since I've been in love with someone
I'm sorry that I had to do this to you.
but heart break is all I ever knew
Heartbreak is all i ever known
So when I met you , it kinda set the tone
I'm doing all i can
To erase the wrongdoings of a man
Who put my sense of hope to an end
Of finding love again
I can't recognize what it feels when it's real
I don't know what it is for my broken heart to be healed
Tiauna May 2017
Love don't live here no more
And there's little left of what was
It left with no explanation
Nor a simple because

It got up and walked out
Because it endured too much pain
And it didn't shed a tear
It didn't even complain

Love gave to much love
And never received the same
It was pushed to the limit
With only itself to blame
Love knew the risk
But love was fearless
Now love has grown weary
Love is now careless

Love got tired
So love layed to rest
Love has no more energy
To fix this big mess
Love used to be strong
Love used to be smart
Now love is embarrassed
From showcasing its heart
To the freak show
And every one saw it
And that was enough to make love call quits

Love has moved out
Love is gone
It has been missing
And won't be back for long.
A poem i wrote back in 2014 i thought I'd share, i was 19 and in between 2 heart breaks
  Oct 2016 Tiauna
the hardest
part of
letting someone
you love
go is
making yourself
stay away
Tiauna Oct 2016
"You're so special, how did the universe come up with you?"
You make old love feel so brand new
And your beauty is blinding
You're like one of galileo's findings

You remind me of the night sky
A shooting star just flying by
The sun and the moon couldn't compare
You're one in a million you're so rare.
Tiauna Oct 2016
What about tomorrow?
Because you told me today
What about tomorrow?
That's what you always say

Today is tomorrow
Tomorrow was yesterday
You told me tomorrow
But tomorrow went away.
Tomorrow never comes...
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