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I’ve been lying to myself about the lies I kept hidden
Doing damage to myself and I despise the ******* feeling
And the red inside my eyes ain’t surprising if you with it
Cuz you either die a hero or surmise to be the villain
Or you lie to paint this image as you walk around pretending
And stressing about these problems that just seem are never ending
I’ve been lying to myself and honestly I’m so offended
I’m relying on some help I thought that I was independent
When being honest with yourself is a challenge in itself
Broken promises and searching for some balance and some help
And the pain you thought you felt is no comparison to hell
I’m dying deep inside, outside I’m doing well
But you probably couldn’t tell as I’m lying to your face
About all the pain I felt and I just probably needed space
Compulsive with the lies that I keep trying to embrace
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tired of this place
Char Blackmon Mar 11
Sort of my tears
Downing from my drowning years
Misplaced by the thoughts and the fears, the way I volunteered
Gutted with the truth
Peeled from honesty command
Reprimand every plan that you have in ill hand
Grasping my inner thoughts
Forcing life’s demands
A fascination with illumination at grand, we need resources so you folks can understand
Understand the apocalypse
That this earth creates withstands
No underhand punishment for all our services undertakes
Aggression that reflects submission of a ****** decision
Finessing bad investments that does pay diabolical visions
Visiulizing the future
With expectations of a better nation
Memorizing the gratuitous grids investigating relations of races
Ripping my dedication
To eradicate your personal needs
Reinventing the seeds to ******* these eternal breeds, steadily free with a force feed so like paleo we crossbreed
Bleeding for a greater oppression
Wishing for a better revision
Exceeding admissions teaching lessons for a better concession
To all who receives the valuable lesson

By: Lyrical C n Glen Edward Bush Jr
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
And like a bird
She flies away.
She sings her song in ultimate joy.
Her heart flutters.
Singing what comes to mind.
Soon as she is approached.
She flies away.
The wind beneath her arms.
She goes higher and higher.
Stopping in mid air,
Her arms tired & sore.
The life she deserves isn't far.
Gliding towards the horizon.
Soon as she finds peace.
It is easily disturbed.
Looking around to find the best place.
Seeking shelter she flies further.
Appearances aren't at all what they seem.
For this she is labeled and taken for granted.
Curiously placing one foot in front of the other.
Veering the opposite direction.
Her heart falling faster and faster.
They don't know her worth.
She flies higher and higher
Alyisha-Jade May 2018
don't be scared to sound crazy,
the **** you say don't phase me
insanity isn't what you're told it is
insanity is being told 'what is'

how can you paint my picture with your brush
or tell me how it feels to fall in love?
how can you try and live someone else's life
and have the hope that you can get things right?

each person is made from steel
a different percentage to make **** seem real.
each person is their own dime
dedicated to different stories at a different time

I got scared knowing what I now know,
tried to turned my own avatar into my own foe
all because what I was taught wasn't what my soul knows

surrounded by fake stories, fake realities and fake foes.
Sourodeep Jul 2015
There was a time when a sphere
romanced us more, everywhere (a)round
the even circularity left us amazed,
free and open, no boundaries
limitless beauty here and there

Now, we want conclusions
to every action, start and end
complicated things, grown impatient
with blunt minds, started making pale boxes
having edges in all our creations
We have become creatures run by time, rushing for things and in the process losing ourselves creativity. Our brains are not designed to always be target driven, we should let it be free and think on its own
Stone Swamy Downey to death
Roared the Kodfather
Amidst the mob
Hooded, stamping his feet on the ground.
Dust was flickering all over the air

He has
No fear
No pain
No guilt
Kodfather blasted out words.
He spat the cigarette **** out

His is a free mind
'T cannot be ruled
If he survives
We are doomed
Took the mouse from the plate before him
Cut its head with a scissors.

Blood pouring from
the innocent creature's remains
'T was dropped

Assassinate his character
That's enough of an excuse
This is a back story of sorts

To know about Kodfather, check that poem

Swamy Downey Begins - II

— The End —