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A Flowered Tux Aug 2018
I wonder what it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
To have settled roots,
that hold you steady.
To have grown so high,
and progressed so much.

I wonder what  it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
Having to bend and lean
with the comings of the wind.
Having to feel parts of you

I wonder what it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
Everything could be taken
with a single bolt of passion.
Or to have to be on edge
for the hurricane season.

I live the life
of a tree in the storm.
But, I must say, it's worth it all
just for the thrill of the fall.
Storm came by and, well, the fall was fun.
A Flowered Tux May 2018
What am I going to do?
I am too deeply in love with you.
I'm drowning, darling.
I'm dehydrated love.
I feel sick and giddy all at once
but, I feel like such a dunce
for thinking you were ready for me.
I was so full of glee.
But, sadly, we were not meant to be.
Inspiration from the ocean and Pinterest.
A Flowered Tux May 2018
Two Heart breakers, standing in a room
One that you didn't suspect,
she's just starting to bloom.
And the other is what you expected,
making every heart go boom.

One never gave others a choice.
She hides information behind a knowing smirk
Her smile can turn any heart twords her.
Little did they know that a siren's song can lurk
In the sweetest of voices.

The other caused explosions
and it was only after the boom did they realize
that the aftermath was not worth the thrill of the fall.
They look around say with cries,
"I was never really chosen!"

Those two Heart breakers start to grow close,
giving the other what they require the most
of what they had to offer
Neither one seems to know
that they hold the others love.

The one who causes explosions of lust
is the first to fall
she got attached to quickly
the other wasn't ready.
So, she decided waiting wasn't for her
and moved off from the cliff's edge
to find another.

The one going into bloom
fell too late.
She missed the deadline and was so close.
But, the other had already moved on.
So, she moves on but left apart of her behind.
Because you never know when she might return.

The bloomer is now a flower.
The explosions have become dust.
They both have continued on but
keep going in circles around that edge.

Will they fall down together?
Or will they go their separate ways again?
One is too unpredictable and wild.
The other is too prepared and tame.
Maybe they will meet at this cliff's edge again.
Fall with me darling, fall and hope we'll grow wings and fly.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
You know, I've started getting used to it.
The expertise came slowly, bit by bit.
The way their eyes look when the heart breaks.
Honestly, I've turned it into something of an art.
Because, another person confessed their love today,
and how on earth am I supposed to convey
that I don't want to be tied down by anyone?
One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, Go Girl, Go!
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
I am a strong
but, man... that day broke me
don't get me wrong, i picked myself back up and glued myself together
just because the glue hardened doesn't mean the cracks disappeared
I had to do it
There was no choice
you couldn't see it but i could because i was raised to look ahead
both a blessing and a curse
im so glad you were the first
but i wish i hadn't have broken it up like i did
i need to be strong
i need to be happy
i need to be a heartbreaker
because darling,
that was what i was made to do
to strip lungs of breath
to leave minds wondering and imaginations whirling
to make people ache for my touch
we would never have lasted longer than we did
because like it or not i grew bored
but i am strong enough to resist
strong enough to give you those last weeks of happiness
strong enough to allow you to recover in private
but i wasn't strong enough to not break in the process of breaking you

-The first and definitely not the last
My first breakup.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
"I love you," a kind soul said.
"Don't do that to yourself," I replied.
"I take that love and use it for personal gain. Then once I'm done I throw you away, for who keeps the spare parts? I'll let you fill that void inside me for a little while and keep myself warm against the harsh and cold winter. I'll let you 'love' me then, just to be cruel, I'll drop you. You'll be sad and wonder, 'How could she?' or 'What did I do?' You didn't do a thing darling, I just grew tired and it was getting too hot for me (maybe i was getting attached we'll never know). So, ya, don't do that to yourself."
How to be a heartbreaker.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
I can hear the drumming of a thousand men.
Though I can't place where or when.
They're beneath me, on the earth that is coming fast.
There is a deep baritone humming
that is actually quite becoming.
Maybe this world won't be so bad.
Here it comes, but why do I feel so sad?

Wait, no, why am I beneath the crust?
I want to go back up, these people here I don't trust.
I am still falling, ******* it, it's too hot.
Why God? Why do you did you turn my heaven to hell?
Looks like the only one I couldn't trust
was you.

I will win in the end.
Even if i must make every being bend
so they can kneel to my whims and rules.
For you have wronged me
and I will welcome those who have wronged you.
The Devil was betrayed with a fake promise and a too harsh punishment.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
I love the lightning
It's so unpredictable,
am I still alive?

Because I wonder,
if it's meant to shock me
into waking up.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Why are you so very far?
The brightest one in the sky,
Don't leave me and say goodbye!
The people here are oh so fake,
they make my insides hurt and ache.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
my lungs are filling up with tar
I always feel as though I'll cry,
This mask can really help me lie
when can I get a break,
they all just seem to take and take.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
this mask is just one big scar.
Why must I hide what I am for the sake of people.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
The river continues to flow,
it's banks crying even though,
the water isn't in control
and no one can console
tears that fall on deaf ears.

I wish that you could know,
that once I was able to glow,
but you left and now my soul,
feels like a lump of coal.
Oh!, how I wish that you were near.
This was for a class I had and wanted to share it with you.
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