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manas May 2020
Castles of sand,
on a magnificent beach.
With stroll of Time,
great heights they reach.
A palace of dreams,
with towers of smiles,
Here lurk emotions a Bit too coy
like love Madness and infinite joy.

Castles of sand,
That live no more.
Destroyed by waves,
pounding sea shore.
From oceans of reality,
with waters of jealousy,
Bring winds of grief-
from Gulf of hypocrisy.

Castles of sand,
standing once again.
Resurrected from fall,
and its endless pain.
Rebuilt by hope,
Strengthened by belief,
decorated with faith
and secured with relief.

Castles of sand,
On a sea swept shore,
Waiting to fall,
And relive once more.
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Douglas Balmain May 2020
What is waiting for my weight—
for the matter I carry,
for the energies bonded within me?
What is lying dormant—
anticipating the day
when my body lays itself down—
so it may drink from my cisterns
and eat from my stores?
What will come into Being
from my ceasing to Be?
Bowed heads weeping death
Spotless lamb reborn three days
Trumpets sound return!
OswinPotts Mar 2020
Tick tock around it goes,
the clock shall soon strike twelve
and the one I knew for oh so long
will be but a passing dream.

His face will change, his body too
but not his mind or soul.
He’ll fight to stay, but burns so bright
that in the end he’ll have to go.

This is not the first time,
and will not be the last,
but new memories will form
and my time with him
shall soon be ancient past.

We fought, we lived,
we learned, we loved,
we walked among the stars,
but in the end one life can never be enough
for the man who lives a life so different from ours.

He’ll soon move on, and start anew
he’ll leave us all behind.
Searching every face, day in, day out
we put trust in all his lies, and wait forever
for someone who’ll never come back.

Tick tock around it goes,
the clock shall soon strike twelve,
and once again he is no more,
replaced by someone new.
Pagan Paul Nov 2019
Lay me down upon the moss,
cover me with autumn leaves,
rest my body in the forest
to be swallowed by the trees,
and let the fleeting moments
whisper my name to the breeze,
as the cool earth welcomes me,
let me go with comfortable ease.

© Pagan Paul (27/10/19)
eleanor prince May 2018
waves orchestrate
bruised kisses

dazed moon’s
beclouded stare

teal canopy’s
torn sinew

tidal riposte
homeless debris

shattered fins’
bullied silence

callous world      
spawns grinding

rabid avarice
fuels dueling

winds stir
shifting sands

light eclipses
night’s capricious

noon darkness
steep ransom’s

earth salvaged
true Son
a lonely shore on a tempestuous night had these thoughts come to mind about the state of the world and the high price paid for mankind's redemption - (Matt 20:28 Christ gave his life as a ransom for many; Matt 27:45 darkness at noon for 3 hours as payment for humanity is made)
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
From the ashes

All my words are bulletproof;
Shout at me and your words I will use.
Everything I took from you,
Left me feeling battered and bruised.

Things are always meaningless,
Unless you take them to your chest.
Then they become more than less;
Letters become sentences.

Power comes from inside your mind;
Thoughts are gold and these thoughts are mine.
I would change the world if I could find the time,
But wishes explode and the remains rise up into the sky.

Lightning never strikes here twice,
So build a home after a lightning strike.
From the air into the ground;
My whole world comes crashing down.

Pick my life up with a dust pan and brush;
I am broken – I am trust.
I could never give a fudge,
To anyone that I didn’t love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
K Balachandran May 2017
I was a dense forest of wild desires
love engulfed it as a sudden wild fire,
lit by a spark your kohl rimmed eye emitted,
Never do I want to put it out, not in  this life,
as burning for what you've kindled within me
is pure bliss,I realize, mon amie
The embers are alive, giving warmth
while the forest of desires regenerates
at a speed I  haven't known ever before.
നീ പകര്‍ന്ന പ്രണയച്ചൂടില്‍എരിയുകയാണ് ഞാനിപ്പോഴും.

ഞാന്‍ വന്യകാമനകളുടെ സാന്ദ്ര,നിബിഡവനം,
നിന്‍മഷിക്കണ്ണിലെ  തീപ്പൊരി തെറിച്ച്
പെട്ടന്നതില്‍ പടര്‍ന്ന കാട്ടുതീയാണീപ്രണയം.
അത്കെടുത്താന്‍ എനിക്കീ ജന്മമില്ല,മോഹം.
നീപകര്‍ന്നു തന്നതിനായ് എരിയുവതേ എന്‍
പ്രിയ കാമിനി, നിര്‍വൃതി യെന്നറിവൂ ഞാന്‍.

കനലുകളുടെസുഖോഷ്മളത ഉള്ളില്‍പ്പടരവേ,
ഇതുവരെഞാനറിയാത്തൊരു തീവ്ര മാംത്വരയോടെ
വികാരമഹാവിപിനം വീണ്ടുമിതാ ഉണരുകയാണിവിടെ.
(In Malayalam translation)
K Balachandran May 2017
I was a forest of wild desires
love engulfed it as wild fire,
lit by a spark from your eyes.
Never did I want to put it out,as
burning for what you gave me
was pure bliss,I realize.
The embers are alive, giving warmth
while the forest of desires regenerates
at a speed I  haven't known ever before.
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