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Brian Yule Aug 2021
Breath held short
Dare I tread
One step further
Put forth serene
But as the threshold approached
My smooth pulse quickened
Grew erratic
Sharing these dreads unspoken
The just-beyond unknown
To trust that these bonds, yet unbroken, will hold
Or to fold, shed this chance to have grown
Brian Yule Aug 2021
Umbrella tangos
With a long-faded Cubs cap
In the sudden gale
Halestruck street swift abandoned
Stray dog their sole spectator
Brian Yule Aug 2021
Then we who have lost
Wove together willow strands
Grew shaded solace
Brian Yule Jul 2021
Crushed thyme & rosemary
The mountain of spuds fresh peeled
Leave sapped arms aching
Granny still fussing over
All dinner's little just so's
Brian Yule Jul 2021
I thought I saw you reflected
In a passerby's sunglasses
The other day
Of course I knew
It couldn't be you
I see fragments
Of the wish of you
Most everywhere I go
I know it's not you
Couldn't be
My wayward mind
Will insist on slotting you
Into every half-seen corner
Brian Yule Jun 2021
Fire rose in the wood
A sudden flowering bloom
From Summer's dry depths
By lightning pollinated
Spreading seeds of choking ash
Brian Yule Jun 2021
Night falls, cape rounded
From deck we gaze on Fuego's
Haloed afterglow
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