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Brian Yule Apr 26
It's not an aching, but a lack

Jetsam of the breaking of a pact

A kind of knotted neural path

Just sat there, barring access

A tick stuck tapping at the inner skull

Move on, move on

Yet the vacuum there drags back

Consuming thoughts half-formed

Exhuming fragments caught in amber

Dying embers shimmering

Faded warmth in chill

That, flickering, cry

Remember, remember

Trapped in suspension still

A tune you hum beneath your breath

A few stray lyrics clinging to a melody

Shrill as a ringtone jingle at a funeral

Sundered from their former gravity

A chewed up tape of a greatest hits medley

Remnants or revenants haphazardly stacked

Scar tissue stretched taut, marking the impact

This is not an aching, but a lack
Brian Yule Apr 20
Babes have hit puberty hard

Since we were entwined

& most days

I don't even think of you

& some days

I can't even call

The contours of your face to mind


When I dream

Obscure dreams

Vivid dreams

Humdrum dreams

Surreal dreams

Foolish dreams

My lover


                             is always you
Brian Yule Mar 23
A handsome gift
Not on the wedding list
Elegantly packaged
Glass figurine
Bride & groom
Entwined in first dance
Wrapped up in each other
On the box's base
Clear but concealed
Repeated exposure to heat & cold
Can expose invisible cracks
Brian Yule Mar 21
Hoist the flags

Whose side are you on

A feather gift for cowards

This most costly cooperation

Still buries boys

In hastily dug holes

Far from home
Brian Yule Mar 18
Shadowboxing with a dead man as a massacre stills  

Fingerdancing to smoke & mirror the masses

Whistling frantic in the gathering dark to steady the ranks

Faith trumps facts

A strong man acts

Greasepaint thick

Growing cracks

A flailing will can kick up sparks

Keep squeezing shills

Catch easy marks

Throw enough show & something will stick

That's shitbusiness!
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