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Do not go far to listen to the praises of my heart
Listen to your heart
— the praises come from there —
I am there.

Do not go far by your actions to call me to yourself
Come closer
I am not far from you
By your voice, I shall hear.

stopdoopy Aug 2018
Sweet lips and kind eyes
I'd sing you all the praises a man can
My Overworked Angel

touch soft and gentle
you radiant being
a feather against my body

warm and gracious is she
perfumed voice
enough to make me bloom
Written because of Cait-Cait's poem,  "I wasn't made for love".

I'm really gay and had to make an unofficial companion piece that doesn't fit it as well as I would've liked, okay bye.
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 2018

I was inspired by a lovely queen,
Who granted my mind a beautiful scene.
I found this picture in the rose-garden,
This sight disturbed my gaze, without a pardon:
The grayish, flowing smoke is like a curtain,
Who might be behind it? It is uncertain.
It hides perhaps the face of a beauty,
With misty clouds of locks, swinging with glee.

There is a cigarette within the rose!
The gentle breezes carry its thick smoke.
Who put that cigarette who burns at there?
It's strange, but beauty makes it look so fair;
It's in balance to my adoring eyes;
Nature who is pure meets with smoky sighs.

But what about that rose, who is embraced
By smoke? Those leaves have sorrow's taste.
To reflect upon this, that is my task,
So with curiosity I ask:
Why so sad? Your dewy tears are like silver,
How can you be so sad? I am your lover.
Why so sad, dainty flower of the fresh spring?
You are the queen; the nightingale the king.
You are the lip who does talk to my muse!
You are the pink; the rosy 'gainst the blues.
You are the cup with the wine of my love,
Who goes around with the sign of my love.
Your hue appears upon the face of beauty –
Those glows upon your face – they are so rosy!
Some faces look like roses, who don't harden,
As a matter of fact, like fine rose-gardens.
With your brilliant glows they do compare
The beauties of mankind, who're kind and fair.
Your lovely imagery they did overuse
But oh, alas; I am in love with you,
So, it's hard for me to refrain 'bout roses,
That is what my poetic soul proposes.

2: Autumn and Winter

Now let´s turn our attention to the winter
And autumn, where icy breezes saunter.

O beautiful rose, you wait and you wait,
Till this garden becomes a sunny state.
Your stem does wait patiently, asleep,
The sun won't help that time; your slumber's deep.
The rosebud-lips do open up much slower,
Like each and every fresh and fragrant flower.

And that's the way of fleeting, pretty nature,
It can dispirit, it can enrapture.

3: On the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him

I know a Friend, very dear to my soul,
That Rose – without a crime my heart he stole.
With love, to him this piece I dedicate,
The pearly Rose who's in the purest state:
I wish I had rose-leaves to write upon,
To show, to proof to him; for him my love.
So that marks of my writing will release
The scent who lies within the fragrant rose.
While dancing in the air, I will blow it
Towards his direction, from me: a poet.
A poet who loves the rose and loves him,
And loves mankind and more within this dream.
I was inspired by a picture of a rose. I find this poem very associative.
I don't indulge that much in religious verses but sometimes it just happens with a passion.
Katryna Mar 2018
Heto nanaman ako, 
binabagtas ang daan papunta sayo.

Nagbabakasakaling makakahanap ng katahimikan mula sa paborito kong pwesto.

Paulit ulit akong pumupunta dito.

Paulit ulit kong sinasambit ang mga salita ko at paulit ulit **** naririnig sakin ang pag susumamo.
Paulit mo ring inaangat ang mukha kong nakalugmok sa aking mga palad
At paulit ulit mo ring pinupunasan ang aking mga pisngi na walang pawis na dumadaloy ngunit mga luha.

Paulit ulit mo rin pinaparamdam sakin ang iyong mga bisig na walang ibang alam gawin kung hindi ang kumalinga.
Ang iyong mga mata na walang ibang alam gawin kung hindi ang maghanap ng nawawala at hindi ng mga wala.

Ang iyong mga tenga na walang sawang makinig sa mga bagay na alam mo na
at hindi sa mga bagay na gusto mo lamang marinig tulad ng iba.

Ilang beses na akong nagdasal,
nakipagpalitan ng mga hiling
pero hindi ka nagsasawang makinig.

Nag aantay ng mga susunod kong hakban kahit alam **** hindi ko pa kaya.

at walang sawang magbigay ng mga gabay na kung madalas ay hindi napapansin dahil may ibang pakay.

Sa pagdami ng iyong bisita alam ko magiging abala ka sakanila
ngunit alam ko na ang aking dasal ay meron pa rin namang puwang sa iyong tenga.

Sa araw na ito hindi ka mapapagod magpunas ng mga luha ko.
Maglapat ng ulo ko sayong balikat.
Makinig sa walang sawa kong mga hinaing.

Dahil sa mga oras na to,

Walang ibang laman ang aking puso kung hindi tula at papuri para sayo.
i could be told a worldwide amount of praises
and then be gifted a lifetime of abraises
feeling nearly the same throughout my phases
learning how to collocate the right phrases
i'm prolific in procrastination
hence becoming the opposite of a cation
i hope i can acquire an alsatian
to make me stable
there's no telling
when i will be able
to suffice
and be looked at like gneiss
She who praises me

Praises me well

Sometimes she Pampers me

Sometimes makes me feel like hell

She who praises me

Is one of a kind

Though chiseled beauty she got

She also have a mind

She who praises me

Is herself well known

Still she behaves like

Her attitude is long gone

She who praises me

Cries on what not

Then I make jokes on her

And she laughs a lot

She who praises me

Praises through her core

As she encourages me

I want to write more

She who praises me

Is not my significant other

Sometimes she be my best friend

And sometimes my mother

She who praises me

I cannot thank you more

But I'll have a corner for you

That is for sure

I wish you all the happiness

in your life

The man will be so lucky

Who will have you as his wife

Never mind I'll keep writing ****

That's from my side

And this is it…...
Write this one for my best friend pooja
Druzzayne Rika May 2017
Praises and flattery
works their magic once
then they start becoming
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