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jaida Feb 2019
As i cry and you look me in my eye just know my feelings had burst
My tears are the only thing i can show you cause you wont understand my feelings as you see they are hurt
I want you to hold me and say im yours baby just tell me whats wrong and ill make the pain go away
But you act like thats hard to do and way to hard to say
Cause im me in this deep dark hole and not you
I wish you kissed my lips and held me close as my pain would go away
This is not all
I want you to hold me in your arms till the sun falls
I want you to tell me you love me with all your heart and tell me were never gonna be apart
I want YOU and ALL of it not just all these little parts
As i give you me i want you
Only if you knew
Knew how i felt about you
Its sad to say  
Im in love and it wont ever go away
I remember these feelings as i had my 1st ever heart break but it showed me i can love 100 times as hard, im no longer in love with my ex but this is how i felt.
As he wouldn't do these things he left me in a very dark place and im glad i gave myself time and let go of him.
But i just love to write poetry, it helps me get everything out and calms me down.
Im sorry if post to much poetry lol, anyway i hope you guys/gals enjoy my writing.
You Came in through the back door
I was too blind to see the true you

I pend to see you weaknesses
I could'nt cause it was covered by your glamour
How hard I tried was effortless
I was blind by your beauty

I pend to see changes
But what can I blind man see
I only looked in my mind
And my mind was crowded by thoughts of you
What else was I aiming for

I guess your were the only obstacle between me and my sight
I looked further to see nothing

I never stop hoping
This is the fun part

That I am blinded by you
innerThought Nov 2015
The day we met
You implanted a seed
A seed labellabeled as imperfect

The next day
A tree with the sweetest offerings grew
But with it came decay
Abounded branches of love
Bearing buds of heartbreak
As the heavy branches holding fruits
That remind me of you seek support
From my ribs as they tear through my skin
I bleeeeed I pleeeed for the need
Of the expulsion of the so called seed
Of trust

The next day
I choked on a thorn
When I saw you
And when I coughed up the leaves of death
I love you was my last breath....
I'm big
I'm small
but don't go
by what you see

I'll tall
I'm short
but still
I am just me

I'm high
I'm low
but it's what
inside that counts

If you're
like me
take the time
to see what it's about
Red Feb 2015
the worst part
of it all
is that
you're already gone

and I won't accept it

it's all for you
Forgotten Dreams Jun 2014
Are you okay?
No not really but I have to sound perfect around you so I guess I'm okay
Why do you keep asking me if you look okay?
Because I don't believe you
Why do you keep fiddling with your hair?
Because it looks terrible and maybe if I keep messing with it, it might look alright
You're fine with us being just friends, right?
No. Not at all. If I value you enough to stay friends with you it means I really want you back.
Why do you keep leaving me?*
Because that way you won't leave me first
I don't know if this applies to all girls but it certainly does to me...
Forgotten Dreams Jun 2014
I know I'm six foot,
Have fiery red hair,
And less common sense than a goldfish...
But is it too much to ask you to stay?

I know I've got baggage,
More than I should,
And yes that's not your problem,
But I only want you to stay...

I know I'm not perfect,
Far from it,
And if that's what you're looking for then I'm not for you..
But all I want is for someone to stay...
Why is it people want me to be perfect?...I'm Not...I just want some to stay by my side...
Forgotten Dreams Jun 2014
I want you to leave me alone,
To shut up and get that I don't care.
You say you don't want to hurt me,
But all your words do is scar...

I need you to leave me alone,
To no longer stand by my side.
You try to help, to be my friend,
But all you do is shrug and leave me hanging...

Please leave me alone,
I know you don't really care.
Having you pretend like you do,
Is doing nothing but tearing me a
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