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jonnyfriederique Mar 2019
first sight
my mind
playing games
going wild

was it all in my head
i regret that it wasn't real
when we met

so now
everynight i lay there
in my bed
without you by my side
but only you on my mind
kissing my hand
to be your lips i kiss
Axel Dec 2018
Love at first sight is real
Anyone or anybody can feel it
You know my lips can't say it
So I'll see you in my lovely dreams.

Missing you but I can't undo it,
I tried to save it but it's not my way
I love you but you're far away over there
And I know you're the one that keep promises tight in your hands,
You breathe like nobody else
You give me all the things you have
And that's why I'll keep you tight,
Tight in the little cage in my heart.

I want you to love me like nobody else
I want you to stay in my arms
I want you to slowly take my hands
Can you come take the chance?
Far Away is about me having a crush to a hot stranger hahaha I know,crazy right? I wrote Far Away as a song but I don't have a good voice so I converted it to a poetry. Hope u love it.
alexandra Sep 2018
the way it happens
you truly don't see it coming
Im afraid theres no escape now

I only long to be in your loving
They said, Love at first sight is only on the fairytale.
It only lust, not love
It’s only temporary, not permanent
And it doesn’t exist
They were wrong
Till one day I met him,
And he said “Let’s prove it together””
Joanna Charis Aug 2018
I have fallen for you
since the first time
we met.
Wanting to know
more about you
was the goal that
I set.

You caught me
off-guarded whenever
you would gaze at me;
I looked away quickly—-
Heart pounding but
feeling all giddy.

I want to get to know you more
but I know that I never will;
My flight leaves at seven—-
Can’t we make time stand still?

Even though I didn’t get to ask
for your name;
There’s this hope inside of me
that our feelings——
are the same.
Even when I know that nothing would happen,
Life allowed me to meet you so many times.

All that I knew is that it was love at first sight.

I liked so much that I solely have given you all my care,
But those kinds of emotions which are for you I never did share.

Over time, a thought of mine spoke to me and said that you cared for another,
To be a part of that never dared to be a bother.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to,
But because I sincerely wish happiness for you,
Knowing what you have been through.

All in all, I know at this moment that I have never been wrong,
For all the past time, your adoration is all what I've longed.

For you, I've been dropping too many tears,
At the time when I still get too many dreams.

Even before I could tell, you should have given me a surprise,
Admitting to me to let tears drop from my eyes.

you should have told me how much you love me, how much you cared,
How you supposed to feel so upset that you never had the chance to let it be shared.

you said that you felt that you had told me too late,
For this, you had to say you must hate.

But since it is for you, I love and never could hate,
Knowing whether you love me or not is never too late.

you told me of the things you always wanted to do,
All of it and more I have wanted too.

Apparently, that would never happen,
It is a piece of my wildest dreams that you could never ever imagine.
all what I have been waiting for...
K Balachandran Aug 2017
"Her other name must be Peace"'
Doubted  it was writ large too, on that face,
Yarns of tranquility waved her dress
In it's tight drapes her shape does express
More than expected within that gentle grace.

For a moment he held the reigns, took stock,
Deeply inhaled the scent of musk, she exudes
Sensed a turbulence, an effect opposite, yet sweet
"Need to initiate a change, a bend in the flow, quick
Amble to her and shake hands"his other murmured
"Otherwise you wouldn't forgive yourself,for the lapse
Letting slip a rare glowing moment, from your hand"

Alter ego's prompt, was carried out with such ardor,
She briskly met him halfway and gracefully asked:
"We sure met before once, didn't we some time?"
"Certainly, but in some other life time, it was"he says
She smiles as if his was a seductive move, she liked it.

But these waves that reach him has an intense warmth
"Will you give me a hug?" emboldened he ventures further
She did more than what he could expect, tight was the embrace.
Yes, that's right, appearances are deceptive,pleasant surprise!
One needs to expect the unexpected,make serendipity work.
It was too fast, he couldn't see what really was  happening,
She perhaps leads him to a timeless space , he imagined
That volcano camouflaged as a green  island of tranquility!
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
We came to the concert and I saw you
From that moment there was nothing I could do.
At that same moment, you also saw me
And the changed my day, my life and history.

They played Jedarian and we both cheered
It had been our favorite for over a year
But we didn’t know it
Because we didn’t know us
But now we knew, because we were here.

It felt like magic because it never happened
Not in all the time of dating many strangers
But something told us to pay close attention
And, just this once, there was no danger.

We were watching our life change course
Something was happening that moved us.
Fate was being a perfect lady and for sure
She was with us and would never lose us.

They played Jedarian and we both cheered
It had been our favorite for over a year
But we didn’t know it
Because we didn’t know us
But now we knew, because we were here.

It had to be right that our song was played
The gentle music and the mellow words
Seemed to underscore the future of love
It played, we sang along and we both heard.

I never saw anyone in all my life and time
Who so perfectly made me smile and speak.
We started on our journey together then
And after years, we have not reached the peak.

They played Jedarian and we both cheered
It had been our favorite for over a year
But we didn’t know it
Because we didn’t know us
But now we knew, because we were here.

They said no offense
but he reminds us of you.
Doubt it, i replied.
Then through those doors you stumbled through;
Saying “love is all around,”
and that made me turn around.
A careless glance.
That’s all it took.
For me
to see me,
when i thought
i watched

~ When i first met you
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