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Roses Thorns Dec 2020
Hold tightly says the man.
Hold tightly says the woman.
Let loose says the boy.
Let loose says the girl.
Who do we listen to?
And who dies first?
Roses Thorns Apr 2019
Inexplainable emotions,
Connected by spiderwebs.

Rather, the past and present
Webbed together by
Haunting cobwebs.

Regrets left to haunt,
The present left
For us to decide.

Steung together and
Streched thin

Who are you?
My haunting present?
My nightmarish past?
My bottomless imagination?

Or the black widow
Connecting it all,
And leaving the dust
To settle,
On my abandoned heart.
Roses Thorns Apr 2019
Love at first sight
Cannot be real.

For love can only
Be felt, if
We trust.
And are honest.
And comfortable.

But it is real,
For we see
Trust in anothers eyes.
Honesty in ones
Lines of their face.
And find comfort
in the way
They move,
Ever closer.
Roses Thorns Apr 2019
Taken aback
By the receding depths,
Gazing into the shimmering sea.
How far will i go,
Before i fall?
Roses Thorns Apr 2019
The trees lean in
To hear the secrets
Of people passing by,
Carried by the wind.
Roses Thorns Mar 2019
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                               Like Us
Roses Thorns Oct 2018
Lost without choice
No chance to explain
Jealousy. Spiteful spirit.
They hate you
For showing you.
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