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say Mar 6
Oh the seasons of your love.

The sweet air of spring and
The warm sun the summer brings.
The crisp wind and colour of the fall.
The delightful beauty of it all.

And in the winter when the world is ice,
You hold me close and tight.

A love so right.

The seasons of your love.
say Mar 5
Oh how beautiful are we.
A product of serendipity.
Lost feelings of ambiguity.

You next to me.
say Mar 4
Blue skies
Warm air
So free, no care
Cloudless nights
Loves in flight
You & I
So devine
say Mar 4
You do not know how I loved you.
For the day I met you my life was no longer mine.

Each smile, each laugh, each touch we share,
It hurts a little more that you are no longer there.

I was once in love with you.


I love you.
say Mar 4
I do not need you, I remind myself as I constantly think about you.
You are just an accessory in my life, something optional, something extra.

In my mind, I do not need you.

Yet in my heart,
You are the only necessity.
say Mar 3
I am wounded.

My heart is torn.
Like a shattered pane of glass,
The pieces are sharp and rigid.
It appears I am broken.
It appears.

You dig your hand deep into my pile of pieces,
And you put me back together.
You are cut.
It appears.

Countless times I sit wondering why I am such a mess.
Until you came.

You put me back together.
You hurt for me.

I am healed.
say Mar 2
you are so great to me
you are my sanctuary

lost in your arms, there is no place I'd rather be
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