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alexandra Oct 2020
sometimes I wonder how you would see yourself if you had my eyes.

would you see the delicate man I see,
the one that when he smiles, melts away all my pain.

would you see the strong man I see,
the one that puts others before himself.

would you see the brave man I see,
the one that faces adversity with a full grin.

would you see the girl I am,
the girl who you love.

would you see me,
and how I love you in ways words cannot explain.
alexandra Oct 2020
i love you more than my heart is capable of loving.
each beat echoes my love for you.
your love pours within my veins,
fills my body,
and warms me.

your love gives me life.
alexandra Sep 2020
pure love is like a rose
it will grow when watered
and wilt when the day runs dry

it wont last forever
but for a moment
it will exist

eventually there will come a time
where thorns so delicate will grow
they will mask themselves
so even the pain resembles bliss
alexandra Sep 2020
you make me remember.
remember what it feels like to let go.
you give me complete liberation.
I am free from the confinement your love once brought.
when I remember you,
I forget all things.

when I remember ..
alexandra Sep 2020
I like it when you call me when you're drunk.
it makes me feel less crazy.
at least I know you think of me,
even if its in the absence of your sobriety.
alexandra Sep 2020
his kiss is like coffee in the morning,
bold and sweet.
each taste leaves me wanting more.
alexandra Sep 2020
Long drives where the sun shines
Crystal clear skies and starry nights
These are moments spent with you
Where the beautiful days
Never seem to turn to night

A love that is forever bright.
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