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Ron May 2020
Here lies this mother
On a forgotten bed
Here lies a lover
That we all once had

We cut her lungs to build
We use the land unfair
We are king of her world
While painting the air
We feast on her living
We drive on her dead
We take without giving
We take without regret

Here lies this mother
Sick of us, till her death
Her fever grows hotter
Time wil take, her final breath
Ron May 2019
The easiest that I have ever done
What I shall forever do
Is to fall in love with nothing
But an angel like you

When our souls would touch
Take me back to that night
It's hard to focus on breathing
Without you by my side

I wish you were here
Holding me in the night
As I'm hugging the air
With you in my mind
Ron Apr 2019
I take a bullet with your name on it
And put the gun against my head
It was i who pulled the trigger
But you left me dead
dead heartbroken gun bullet betray
Ron Apr 2019
Yellow surrounded with beautiful blue
Like gold trapped inside shining pearls
Do you mind me sitting next to you?
You have godlike eyes unlike other girls

Please tell an endless story
And silence all other noice
Never will i get enough
Of that sweet angel's voice

Meet me at the train
When we shall meet again
But this time the rails
Won't have an end
Ron Apr 2019
Not to insult your godlike stars
But maybe these pearls failed to see
Through the mist of recklessness
What our night meant to me

Turn back time and play it fast
It was a bless to carry your bags
From palying cards till The Night
It was all meant to be this right

As good as I may be today
I'm still the one who once betrayed
Though, I also suffered with you
But sencerely not as great

I don't know what would have happend
I silently demand you not to be sad
Cause i know i would have been happy
If I had taken that path
a bit of reckless teenage love
but i look back without regret
Ron Feb 2019
Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But let me be a fool
For I have been wise long enough

No words can describe
No eyes can see
What your golden heart
Does to me

I love your laughter and your voice
As they bring joy through the air
I love your eyes made of gems
And thank God he gave a pair

I understand love is blind
Let's hope one day you will see
The wild burning fire
You have lit inside of me

I ask you not to share this letter
As it was only meant for you
I don’t want any drama
What sharing tends to lead to

So my name shall not be named
That’s how it has to be
I will deny this written letter
If you come and look for me
a letter to my crush
Ron Nov 2018
Her face was like a stainless stain
Hair so bright, it put shame to light
A touch of lips comes with relief of pain
Cupid was right, Love at first sight

A kiss had never been so special before
When time flew and stopped in the sky
If it would be infinity, you still want more
Tons on my shoulder and still made me fly

It surrounded my head with confusion
It cut my sight, I relied on its smell
It filled my empty heart with delusion
I slept through heaven and woke up in hell
Though my mind could be this mean
The love of my life lives in a dream
met the love of my life in my dream
she was faceless but with beautiful blond hair
time flew but stopped at the kiss

— The End —