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Joanna Charis Mar 2019
He knows now that I like him

But he tries to get away from me.

He finds another girl to play with,

and to spark on my jealousy.

I kept thinking about it

and I wondered why.

I thought, to myself,

that maybe,

I was not his type.
Joanna Charis Feb 2019
Upon entering the cafe, the scent of brewed coffee resonates the whole place;
Looking at the dessert area—-like it’s calling out for me to try to taste.

I ordered the “YOLO Cream” paired with some Darjeeling tea;
A mix of sweet decadence and bitterness fills me with such glee.

But somehow that sliver of happiness has eventually died down;
All alone, with an empty seat on front, loneliness cascaded over for me to drown.

My mind goes back to you——

When we were still young and naive;
Precious gifts from you were all I received.
In love, at first, I didn’t even believe;
But with you, are all I ever see.
I was inspired to write this as I was sitting all by myself at The Bean Connect, a local cafe here in Dumguete city.
Joanna Charis Feb 2019
I remembered a time of all the moments we shared;

The lingering thoughts of you are all I ever care.

I felt like a stranger to this building- up emotion

Later I've realized that only you can set my heart in motion.

I almost denied this feeling, by ignoring and avoiding you;

I thought that I was the only one who felt this way and not you.

But my dear, there's one thing I want you to know

My actions speak for you, it's not just for a show;

I learned that love is not just a word----

Love is my dear, an action word.
Joanna Charis Feb 2019
I have seen you in my dreams and in my memories; the memories, beautiful memories, that kept my heart heavy.

   But now, it haunts me, knowing that you are reliving those memories again,...but not with me. It hurts deeply like a knife that has sliced through a wounded heart.

I now walk on this pavement. The last place I felt alive...and the same place I died inside.

You, walking with someone else, reliving the memory; while I looked at you from a distance. These memories reminded me of how it all used to be;

But people change right?

Dear, you were my everything I could ever imagine but you took it away and gave the spot to someone new.

                 I guess I'll see you tomorrow, my dreams.
Joanna Charis Feb 2019
Before you left, you gave a piece of your heart to me;

I don't know when you'll be back—-

so I'll just wait and see.

For years I had hoped; hoping to be in your arms, again, someday.

I declined many suitors, who are standing in my way.

It was only you------

you, you, you

I had in mind;

But distance has

changed us

and in fact

also, time.

Through time

our feelings have

slowly diminished;

Our relationship


it was

Joanna Charis Feb 2019
The way your eyes looked at me,

like an astronomer lost in the galaxies;

yearning to be with each other,

like a pirate sailing through the seven seas
Joanna Charis Feb 2019
I was sailing in

my own storm

but now, I am

at ease.

Sailing in

my lake of


for You have given

me, peace.
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