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My Dear Poet Aug 11
Sitting in the library
among dusty books
You, behind a novel
throwing me ***** looks
peering over pages
finding your stare
back to your book
I take it you don’t care
I pull my tongue out
you roll your eyes
Is that a smile?
I wave…like I’m shooing flies
you turn away
I feel the red in me rise
I look at my watch…”oh my”
…how time flies
leaving this engagement
I tuck in my chair
locking eyes, we do a dance
…one last stare
If only you weren’t as pretty
and played so hard to forget
I would have made a move
and maybe we’d have met
We could have been love at first sight
…okay…sure, love at a glance
Oh well…Good bye
pleased to make your acquaintance
I try to say "hello"
when the first time I saw you,
but I didn't

I try to say "hi"
when the second time I met you,
but you didn't see me

I try to say goodbye
when the last time I wanted to leave this feeling alone and decided to take the right time to do the same,
but you love me,
and say, "hi"
Indonesia, 14th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
daphne Jan 19
then one somnolent night
she danced in the misty light
her face coated with delight
an escape from her petty plight
reassuring herself it was alright

i rolled my eyes and let out a sigh
a twitching smile i could not hide
as the feeling landed with a smite
it was uncomplicated if i just denied
falling in love with her at first sight
Diksha Dhiman Jan 10
I was dancing with the moonbeams
and stars were chanting all along
When I First Saw you....
                                     -diksha dhiman
FinkZ Oct 2019
It started
After I saw you for five seconds
Your beauty sticks to my memories for more than weeks
Only for a little moment
I can feel my muscles really weak

But it all ended
When I saw your curve of your lips
Goes up when you lean your head to his shoulder
There goes my hopes and bliss
Taken and swallowed by the world
FinkZ Sep 2019
Jittery my heart did when the first time I laid my eyes on her
Oh Sweet Lord, look at my heart beating
Help me please because I stopped breathing
As she move her hands and legs following the music
Nailed my senses, I cannot feel the ground
Noticed my muscles dropped around my mouth
Attracted by her dance, I let my mind imagine further

No, no way it can’t be
Oh my God this can’t be true, ****!
Reality! I need to wake up to reality
I can’t be falling in love by just her beauty
Eye catching, her looks just so eye catching
God Help Me!
Am I in love or it’s just another lust????
Try to guess her name
Nina Jul 2019
I didn't believe in love at first sight
Til the moment I met you
GulRukh Dec 2017
See You There In Crowd Of Apaths
My Soul Breaks Down From Your Wrath
That Smile On Your Face
A Mischive In Your Ways
You Were In Light Blue Jeans
Your Eyes Are My Heaven, By All Means
Your Voice Like a Cool Violin Beat
That My Metal Armor Heart Can't Cheat
I Start Liking You Secretly In My Heart
You Left Me Thinking About My Vacant Part
God Knowns And I, What I was Wondering?
Like Mystery Of Universe You Left me Poundering
Are You Too Thinking about Me?
Or Are You a Hovering Bee?
You Are in My Head Spining From That Moment
So Falling For You Is Imminent
My Heart Pounding Crazy Like a Little Child
These Feeling Aren't For First Time
But I Want It To Be The Last Crime
I Want to Be Yours
If It Takes Gravity and All It's Force
Isn't It Too Soon To Say All That?
Cause I Know That it's Delicate
All The Drought Will End With This Rain
One Glance Would Be Enough To Keep Me Sane
When I saw him first time, I can't say anything but this piece says it all
Ron Apr 2019
Yellow surrounded with beautiful blue
Like gold trapped inside shining pearls
Do you mind me sitting next to you?
You have godlike eyes unlike other girls

Please tell an endless story
And silence all other noice
Never will i get enough
Of that sweet angel's voice

Meet me at the train
When we shall meet again
But this time the rails
Won't have an end
Roses Thorns Apr 2019
Love at first sight
Cannot be real.

For love can only
Be felt, if
We trust.
And are honest.
And comfortable.

But it is real,
For we see
Trust in anothers eyes.
Honesty in ones
Lines of their face.
And find comfort
in the way
They move,
Ever closer.
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