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I think he saw me as someone else,
As someone I wasn't and could never be,
But you saw me as I am,
Not what I could ever try to be.

As the days goes by, you feel more like home
Home as not the one I want to escape from.
I want to drown in your arms as I picture the confort out of it,
As if no cold on earth could ever get me,
And no evil within.
Roses Thorns Apr 2019
Love at first sight
Cannot be real.

For love can only
Be felt, if
We trust.
And are honest.
And comfortable.

But it is real,
For we see
Trust in anothers eyes.
Honesty in ones
Lines of their face.
And find comfort
in the way
They move,
Ever closer.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Why do we always want more?
Do we not have enough?

Why do we need

a bigger house,

a newer car,

more money,

more beauty,

more fame,

more control,

more perfection,

more confort?

Do we not have enough of it already?
Why do we always want more? Do we not have enough of it already? Because in this world, there are people who don't have any.
Annie Oct 2018
I was prescribed
hot chocolate
by a woman who let me
cry in her chair
on two occasions.

On bad days
I make myself have a hot chocolate
not because they’re particularly my favourite drink,

but because having this hot cup of
makes me feel like I’m doing something
to comfort myself
when I don’t know what else to do.
Lover, Slide between me
And what I could be
And keep me comfy
Asleep and warm
Zeal brings great harm
You have me charmed.

— The End —