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I feel like I’m at the rock bottom of my life, feeling so worthless and all i do is blaming myself. I feel like I’m insane to hold the pang in my chest, the pressure of this world madness. Drowning in the deep of miserably and despair. Everything seems not in the line, so overwhelmed , and the hatred towards me has been growth. I don’t even know who i am, or where i am.
- it terrifies me, that i'm getting lost and neither can save me.
This is me now, during mental break down.
There is a thing that makes someone that we love and rose become our favorite things.
They both,
Beautiful yet lovely
Fragrant yet addicting

They are also painful

Like Rose which has torn and bleed our arm when we touch it


Like someone that we love who promise us something, but only words which gone hopeless until we upset with tears.

It always ended up to loving and wanting them back, over and over. Even though we knew how it felt being hurt.
I think,
The most pain one is not who goes,
But the one who left behind.
The one who goes left the memories with the left one,
And the left one is keeping the memories with the one who goes.
“ I love you !” He screamed “I’ve been wanting you since forever, I want you to complete me !!” He continued

“Hey !!” She poked him and smiled at him

He froze like ice and speechless.

“See you around !” She waved at him

Until she’s gone, he said nothing.

Yes, he is screaming but screaming in silence. Because he knew it will not change anything if he confess his feeling to her, He realized he is too late since she’s belong to someone else.
Sometimes it’s sweet to be heard
It makes heart beating fast yet smiling in the face
At first we dwell it in our minds till we forget it
Sometimes it hurt to be felt
Tears which tumble from eyes,
Hearts which broken into pieces
And its recall in our mind for our lifetime

Who has said it will forget
Who has heard it will remember
Once you spilled it,
It will never take it back
They said, Love at first sight is only on the fairytale.
It only lust, not love
It’s only temporary, not permanent
And it doesn’t exist
They were wrong
Till one day I met him,
And he said “Let’s prove it together””
There Shadows
Of the one i’m addicted
And his presence,
Could be make me be enamored through and through.
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