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Romano Sabastian Jul 2020
What a tragedy it is—
To find love where you are not wanted.
To know peace while waging war.
To be a raging fire—frozen in place.

Oh what a tragedy it is—
—to be whole but forever incomplete.

What a tragedy it is—
To be loved yet still lash out with lust.
To own peace but still hunger for war.
To have absolute control.
—To give up your soul.

Oh what a tragedy it is—
—to think free will the same as freedom.

What a tragedy it is—
To have never tasted love or felt it’s touch.
To be without it’s sparkle and still wander the darkness.
To yearn for something you cannot imagine.
To crave passion and embrace—
Words to describe things you cannot.

Oh what a tragedy it is—
—to know love, only as something you’ve never had.
Tragic is the love we wish away. The love we don’t notice every day.
Riya B Jun 2020
It seems nothing is so beguiling as it appears,
Feels like I'm looking at some void;
Enwrapped in the nothingness of time,
My heart yearns for euphoria,
To enliven the wearied ardor for it's being.
I keep calling out,
Even though there's noone to hear me;
Wondering if there's something missing in my orison.
Yet I feel a personage telling me not to give up,
That in the fullness of time we'll thrive;
So I'll keep trying ,
Even if I'm besieged by nothing,
I'll sojourn with gaiety,
Keeping that love right within me.
The path may seem meandering into nihility,
Yet I'll go on,
Engraved may, through my footsteps
Remain forever our favorite song.
Brewomble May 2020
I have wept in my mother's sorrows
In tears of those of lost and labored-
That life is waster when settled,
And regretted when hated.
The drugs have never covered-
They will never coat the fear that lives inside of you;
And the bottle that I've used to block the days before me
Have left me in depths of hollow and confusion,
To which the sky says yet again when I'm on my knees and looking for an answer-
I have yet to find but more questions.
This reflection I stand before shows more than I know;
Or wish to see,
Open your eyes and break the dark uncertainty.

~Bre Womble
Peyton Sparks Apr 2020
Interestingly enough

(I miss you)

Mayhaps love
Is not the
Solution to all the problems in the world but the,
Specific cause, creating a problematic

(I miss you)

Yearning of the soul that creates issues as dark as
Obsidian, or could it be that love will never be

I miss you
The sky and the stars
Bring out most of all,
The knight is silent

Even during they day
They lie there wide awake,
Hiding from the light of day

This constant darkness consumes everything in its site
But not ours.
Unite these dreams and shine true.
The abyss of night is always true.
The sun will rise again for some of us.
Let that be enough to grow you passions from seeds to roots
And those roots will set your foundation.

A bold knight will shine in armor one day,
Just as a flower will sprout
A relationship will blossom
If only for me but a mouse
Don’t be fooled by the context. This poem has a bitter sweet end that most will miss. Also my first upload. Haven’t been inspired to right for a few years and I’m going through some things and this is how I cope I guess
I fantasyse a fodder/
who myght feeed mye goost/
amende it atnyght/
when thee darke nd dreade onlee drenche/
nd drowne my hart in sorowe/
I am lost/
softlye now tale me/
all thee preteee thyngs I wont to heere/
tale me/
you love me/
that I am evrythynge u’ve wonted neer/
that mye prestencts dose not
alarm you/
that thes sun is bryght/ yellow/
fool of energee nd lyfe/
that you are proud/
of me/ not ashamed/
of my bryght colers/
tell me you love me
after feeld by Jos Charles
A Poet Jun 2019
I got strong feelings 
More likely messages
Delivered by Hermes from the sky 

It says
The world is huge 
Don’t get lost 
Find a way
Don’t leave it
Try to stay 


I found a direction 
It’s love 
Love for you 
For my beautiful
Truly true

Another message 

It says  
It’s right 
It’s everlasting 
It’s wonderful and fascinating
"8th March 2018
A pen found its ink
A purpose found its man

 The mother of all that's beautiful
brought me a gift
A life skill that would be my passage of lift

                  He came to life in unhealthy mental weathers,                    
his soul was birthed in shabby unearthly waters
and bound to mine
in an everlasting covalence.
he was given to me an agent of healing – an outlet,
a living freedom;
         a drain for my pain,      

a gift and a curse he is a stain on the domain of my name – but
I take pride in our duality,
my existence paradigm was on the edge of a cliff
suicidal - I lay on my back under the roof
of a gloomy identity
my name and my frame
soaked in melancholia of a quantity
that exceeds the infinite.

You and I
Are a year older
I am a decade wiser
I can feel it in my hair
the truth in its absolute quintessence
is a universe closer.

The way you hold my mind in your gloves
gives me sleepless nights and faceless days
but who am I to question my panacea?
I promise I will make the most of what we can be.

A savior, a tutor, a sage
My poet, my light, my flame, my light.

A year ago - i became a poet. Help me appreciate my penman. This is my first post here with you family. Thanks.
Shane Feb 2019
Hello my old friend,
Never thought we'd meet again.
In this place you call home,
I've now returned to claim as my own.

I remember it well,
The hallow pit where I once fell,
This deep dark alone,
I found truth in these walls of stone.

You warned of outside
The perils of hope
The deceit of trust
And promise's rope...
A noose to bind and hang in dread,
I've now returned, broken and dead.

Will you take me in and stay with me?
Take away the fear and the lies that be?
Keep me safe in our hidden lair
You're all that I have...
My friend despair.
My first post.
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