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Here I sit
Alone in my bed
At 3 in the morning.
I am NOT missing you.
I am NOT feeling lonely.
I am NOT tired!!

Because if I was tired
Then I would dream
And if I dreamt

I would dream of you.
I literally wrote this at 3 in the morning. I'm sure I'll delete it when I finally have my brain back from the prison of overdue Geometry work.
at the computer screen
waiting for your text
that will never come
hurt text sad love ex cry alone lonely
It's 11:11
and for the first time
after a very long time
I'm wishing for myself
and not for you
I talk to the moon
And tell it all the things that I can't say to him...
He always used to call me his sun
  Feb 2021 another anonymous writer
Loving her
Was so difficult
It was like smoking a cigarette
Because I hated it so much
But craved it every day
Needed her taste on my tongue
I loved the rhythm
The consistency
Hated the mornings after
And the disease in my lungs
Even though she smelled so sweet
It was like she poisoned me every day
Yet I kept coming back for more
is too close to yours
he somehow
reminds me of you
they all
remind me of you
i find myself
thinking of you
our inside jokes
how you would comfort me
even if you caused my dismay
i think i miss us
i felt so much with you
but now
with them
i feel nothing deeper
than basic appreciation
i miss feeling so deeply
even if it was on the floor
while you said you wanted to **** yourself
and i said we could do it together
how do i feel like that again?
when you miss him
yet he used to yell at you
its called manipulation
when you miss his laugh
yet he used to laugh at you
its called manipulation
when you miss his kiss
this is manipulation
did i make the right decision
this is manipulation
i wish i stayed
just to be with him a little longer
yet freedom feels just as nice
better than eggshells
eggshells were all i walked on
even when there was carpet
but i miss it?
this is manipulation
isn’t it…
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