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leonard zinovyev May 2019
How can you see anyone smile
in a phone call, anyway?


but they didn’t say
they did a Skype call,
just a simple phone call.

I am at a loss for emojis.

We are a toast.

May this end soon.
Khan BA Sep 2017

"O' my cup of chocolate, oh my moll,
Come here & nourish my soul,
Lift me up from this crazy World,
Take me to the place where beauty lies unfurled,
Your beauty dazzles my vision
Your aroma a sweet seclusion,
That sweet touch on my lips,
As I imbibe you in relishing sips.
Ah every sip that I devour
Sends a feeling of sweet surrender,
O my cup of chocolate, oh my moll..
Come here & nourish my soul..
Lift me up from this crazy World..
Take me to the place where beauty lies unfurled.

(by: Khan, BA)
This was for Anne Nechita who likes chocolate
This was for Anne Nechita who likes chocolate
Cheyenne Jun 2016
I dreamt about you last night--
But that’s no shock.
Been dreaming 'bout you since you left--
And that’s not about to stop.
I tried getting you out of my system.
Tried sending these feelings on their way.
But I still hate you. And love you.
Perhaps that'll never change.
You will always be burned into my memory,
Until someone finally ***** this life right out of me.
Cheyenne Jun 2016
Hiding from the monsters,
Somewhere in the dark.
Fighting my own instinct
Every time I start.

Too scared to move.
Too scared to cry.
I hide my body,
Soul, and mind.

My eyes start to adjust.
I stumble to the mirror;
Look upon the image
And see a monster there.
2010... sort of: highly altered from original version
Cheyenne Jun 2016
Look at me-- I occupy
The world that they all left behind.
This world is now an empty one.
But there's still water. There's still sun.

The stars do not shine as bright,
But I've come to enjoy dark nights.
I can still see the ground
As I try to move around.

I'm still here. And I'm still fine.
With them gone, this world is mine.
Everything still works the same.
No need for everything to change.
Cheyenne May 2016
No more hurt
No more pain
No more thunder
No more rain
No more friends who will just leave
No more love and
No more me
Cheyenne Apr 2016
Time is like water, for it’s always there.
It can slip through your fingers,
Or just into air.
In some places it's dense.
In others it's thin.
Not sure where it ends,
Or where it begins.
Sometimes it's nice.
Sometimes it *****.
You can have too little.
You can have too much.
Waters like time,
And time is like water,
The colder it is,
Both start to get harder.
And I’ll let you continue this rhyme:
How time is like water,
And water’s like time.
Analogies are great! They often help me conceptualize ideas, explain my viewpoints and help me feel inspired. But they are a little arbitrary.
Cheyenne Apr 2016
Time goes on, and things--they pass.
Nothing's ever built to last.
I will leave, and so will you.
Out with the old and in with the new!  
Just one thing before you leave--
I need to ask you, pretty please--
I know that you're moving on,
Just don't forget me when you're gone.
Cheyenne Apr 2016
Sunlight leaks through the leaves.
Silence sways upon the breeze.
Life swarms amongst the trees.  
You stand, not moving, afraid to speak.
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