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Ruhani 7d
I still remember the day
sitting idle in the lab mundane
Smell of acid although causing pain
But i was still taking in,
like a toxic gain.
And then she came in
like a soft gush of wind
sat beside me
saw me all strained.
I asked
why people leave
without giving reason
and I poured my heart out
like a kid with a toy broken.
I was inconsolable
as if I saw death of a closed one.
and that closed one was my heart
deep inside it was fallen apart.
And then she told
me a hard truth
how she loved her mom
who left part way
without witnessing her triumphs
her chosen love and all fame .
How she all wanted was to gift her a saree
and take her to a restaurant to feast fancily.
I looked into her eyes
and she into mine
we both lost a part
of our hearts
and we together washed away
the pains filled deep inside
I was crying over a lost love
and she over a lost soul
and I wondered
whether my pain was even worth despair
we walked through our pain
while finding life all regained.
  7d Ruhani
Aslam M
Some Fires are lit
To be Extinguished.
Ruhani 7d
I am in a zen place now,
where I don't look for you anymore.
I might see you someday somewhere,
walking through some strange door.
I even don't know
if I'll stay and say hello
Or glance you once
and choose to ignore.
Ruhani 7d
I still dream about the dreams
I used to dream.
Ruhani Feb 24
As if I don't know what it means to be alone
As if I don't know the feeling when I had it all
As if I don't know the warmth of hug in chilly mornings
As if I don't know the talks we had with no meanings.
As if I don't know waking up besides a smiling face
As if I don't know the tiring of breathing race

I know every bit of being two bodies but one soul
But what if he moved on and left me behind all sore.
As if I don't know how it feels to be alone
How does it feel to wait for long gone
But I don't want a life boat to survive
I want my cruise ship to sail through life
Love has left me without giving reasons
But I will look on till I find the one in a perfect season.
Ruhani Feb 17
is a never ending poem
written in erratic lines
which mostly doesn't
but sometimes rhymes.
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