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Madison 2d
What are you so afraid of?
That you'll leave me like the last person who said that...
They won't let
me sleep.
Those memories,
cuts that are
so d e e p .
sour and sweet,
some bad,
others that I want to keep.
begin to seep.
I can't forget these
things. I want
to sleep.
That's what you get when you think too much before bed...
As you and I melt away
I can’t let go
Of everything that I cannot control.
Who am I to be?
Who am I supposed to be now?
When we collide, is it true?
We’re stuck in time
Of everything that I cannot control.
Who am I to you?
Who am I to you now?

You tell me
Fairy tales.
All of this means nothing
When you and I melt away.
I’m holding tight
To everything that I’m afraid to know.
It’s part of me.
It’s part of you now.
The years that passed never settled in.
You kiss my lips
And I don’t understand your affection
Of who I am,
Of who I am now.

I stay grounded
When you look to the sky.
You wanna fly, you wanna fly.
I guess that I
Will watch you fly away in your new light.
Leave me behind under the weight of time.
And you sing of dreams, and fairy tales.
I don’t fit in those details.
You wanna know who’s the boy underneath?
Well so do I.
So do I.
Lily 2d
Walking on eggshells
You never knew what that quite meant
Until she came along
Aphrodite on earth
Tugging at your fingertips
Loving all your curves
Whispers in the night

She took your hand
And dragged you along
Through her personal fairy tale land

Her land
Her confidence
Her freedom so loud
You could see an eagle next to her

Why couldn’t you be like that?
Maybe she would’ve stayed if you had
But you had the voice of a mouse
The freedom of zoo animals
The land of the not-so-free

Perhaps she got sick of the endless hiding
You called them adventures,
hoping she would buy into the idea
Of sliding, sliding, sliding
Deeper into the closet
she had so proudly dug herself out of

It wasn’t meant to be
The girl of the trapped
And the girl of the free
Yet they so strongly held on
To giggles and cuddles
The love of your lifetime
But soon she was gone
I do not want
to cry any more. I
want someone to dry
my tears. I want all of this
pain to go away. You have
put scars on me, ones
that will stay
Do you think I should send it for life to read?
Emma 2d
The first time it happened,
I locked myself in the bathroom for an hour.
I cried, desperately washing away at the blood that was streaming from
In between my legs.
I cried, desperately trying to put myself back together
With concealer for the bruises
And pantyliners for the blood.

The second time it happened,
I picked roses from the garden
And cried at the altar of Christ.
It was at this time that I knew there must be no god,
As no deity that claims everlasting love
Would allow for the heartache
You put me through.

I didn’t understand what had happened to me.
I didn’t know what my body was responding to.
I couldn't apprehend why I was leaving scars on my skin
And changing every aspect of my appearance to
Make my body my own.
I didn’t understand how you could do this to me,
To someone who did everything to protect you.

I still do not understand.
It's in obscure recollection
I wonder if it's falsified
Hesitant about the path I can't abandon now
Finding new ways to survive

Bathed in the rays of the sun
Fraught with uncertainty
I wasn't prepared for the atmosphere
Losing my chance to speak

I never had a key
It fell in place
Though I still sleep
I hold to grace
Hoping to recover what's around me

I guess It's still on me
I don't feel the same
Lost in this sleep
I hold to grace
With the colors all around me

But your words
They always bleed through

I'm aware
You think the ways I do

And your words
They always ring true

And your words
They'll always bleed through
Marie 3d

These words have meanings

Death- means blood

The blood of someone

Who once had a love
Who once had a home
Who once had a family
And once was a afraid of the day that this

Fear- means the tears of a lonely tragic girl lost in a world of sadness she fears these tears mean she is not okay
And that
Is not

Dread- means the fear and terror in someone’s head the complete and utter panic in someone’s thoughts and

These thoughts they come and go but the worse ones always
He died.
We cried.
All this pain.
Tears coming down like rain.
He's not coming back.
And yet it all happened
so fast.
In the blink of an eye,
he was able
to die.
Any suggestions on how to deal with losing loved ones?
I can't seem to escape
this world
filled with sadness,
and pain.
It's all holding me down,
heavy, like a chain.
I wish I could escape,
I wish
there was a
Though often, I can escape through poetry
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