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kgl 7d
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rain pelts down harsher than the
words you spit
in violent vehemence
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my lightening strikes brighter than the
empty promises you made
(brighter, but just as fleeting)
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rage is vast, immeasurable
filling oceans with its ferocity
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and this too will pass, leaving
chaos in its wake.
You are as you were
No more needing to be said
With eyes that bore tears in joy and sadness
And heart that consistently bled
And mine and your hands locked together
To brave life’s twisted sense of humor
And I knew that, in that, we’d overcome the world

We were never perfect
That’s needing to be heard
Ever present were these jars of truth
Bitter tasting, well preserved
With hands clasped we understood it could not be fathomed
As we locked eyes, yes, words, yes, but never hearts

Maybe that’s the good in it
A gift in cross’ed stars
The reality of a ever present door
That we both know is ajar
The knowing that the hand we hold can build the other up
With the power that so easily can rip us apart

You were the one I’d always wanted
I was the one you leaned upon
With me not knowing what you were
And your faith in your strength long gone
My love for you unending, understated, undeterred
And your love for me one undoubted, but for me undetermined

Each time you speak I hear you
This world’s distraction become blurred
You serve your homemade truths
And I swallow every single word
Can’t decipher lies because I know only what you convey
And in that, you’re the most honest person I know

Our views of each other work
On the level that was stand
Where we get to choose what we convey
As we offer each other a hand
The preachings of the lying tongue and giving of stolen things
An knowledge of the mystery forever kept

Maybe this is not worth the chance
Our self destructive ways
The pure carnage we could leave behind
In our search to escalate
Satan’s aspirations to rise are what led to the fall
So maybe to stay divine, we must stay content

And so we look, we taste, we hear
And we feel that that’s enough
Maybe in leaving the uncertain just that
The relationship is safe from us
Or maybe this is just the lie we earnestly believe
In fear that the rise will be more painful than the fall
Zywa Oct 9
I'm fully fed up

with plans, it is unhealthy –

I'd better give birth.
Collection "Once more"
Sage D Oct 8
My love is a poison,
one you should not run from.
My love is a parasite,
one you should only accept.

I want to be by your side,
and for you to be by me always.
Standing behind you,
my arms trapping you in my embrace.

The air is chilling,
goosebumps are rising.
Your heart is racing,
my grip is tightening.

You can't leave me,
nor will I ever leave you.
You can try to run,
but I will always find you.

The figure in the shadows,
the feeling of being watched.
The alarm that soon appears,
is a beautiful look on you.

I know what you're scared of,
I use them to my advantage.
I know your secrets,
even the ones you never told.

I love you,
and the way you go crazy.
I love you,
and the way you scream.

You hate me though,
but that makes me love you more.
You call me terrible things,
and you're right about them.

I'm a parasite,
a virus that gets into your head.
Eating away all things sane,
until there's nothing left.

I, my dear,
am the embodiment of fear.
I'm back after a whole year basically. Hope this is good. I think it turned into an abusive relationship poem, that wasn't my intention.
Luna Maria Oct 8
do we fear the love
we think we don't deserve?
"you deserve someone better than what I could ever be for you."
Cyan Oct 8
If I had the guts
to stand barefoot before a rolling tank,
I wonder if I’d also be concerned
about the feeling of dirt
between my toes
a little bit
I’m the queen of overthinking so you have to know that I’m overthinking things each night that goes by, afraid that you must have, or will, changed your mind.
This all feels like a dream— the highest are so high and the hues are so pure but just like when I’m dreaming, when something hurts it burns and stings and bleeds.
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