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Nicx Oct 7
Feet poised and legs steady
I can feel the fibers of a tightrope beneath.
I can hear water,
As waves of anxiety splash against jagged walls,
Echoing up from under me.
Sometimes I wonder if the water is rising
But thoughts like that will **** my focus.

It happens sometimes,
Where my knees shift and
Buckle beneath me,
Rope burn ripping across my bare skin,
My hands searing as I grasp this thin lifeline.

By the power of luck and determination
I raise and right myself again.
My muscles are tingling and I beg them to still.

I know this doesn't feel like safety
At least I'm out of the depths.
The depths of erratic emotions.
The depths of pain.
This sea of fear flows ruthlessly.

She will consume me with no hesitation
Inhaling me deeply
Where, within her,
I am blind and
The only sounds are
Raging train cars,
Eradicating all else.

Up here I am not safe
But I know I am stable
So long as I am focused,
Deliberate in my movements,
Mindful of my thoughts.

The sky is unapologetically blue,
Reflecting back a childlike innocence
That lives somewhere inside that sea.
The air is gentle and calm,
Holding space for peace within my lungs.

One day I will learn to float
Some days I can hover,
Just above the ragged twine,
Embraced by a limitless sky.

I am weightless and without fear
For those moments, I am painless
In those moments, life is breathtaking
And while I would love to always feel free
I know, right now,
Balance is all that I need
F G Fiore Oct 6
The thing is, I know.
The same story,
The same sorry,
I know.
It wasn’t me,
It was the idea of me.
You remind me of him;
the beginning,
to be exact.
As you roll past my lips,
The same sweet words
Draw the attention of my mind.
The ******* feeling.
I don’t want it again.
Is this all there is?
I am ready to run.

Don’t bother coming.
Sadie Grace Oct 6
Sometimes my chest starts to hurt like a car is crushing me, choking the life out of my fragile body, and running me over and over and over again and again and again

And sometimes my hands start to shake like I’m old and can’t control my body and I can’t control it and I can’t stop and it just keeps going and going and going and going over and over and over again and again and again

And my head starts to spin and I think to myself “I’m dying” and I look around and see people talking but I can’t hear a thing and I can’t catch my breath and I can’t breathe and I gasp and I can’t breathe and I can’t catch my breath and I gasp and I think to myself “I’m dying”

And as I stand there with my chest hurting and my hands shaking and my head spinning and as I think I’m dying I start to hear over the commotion in my brain and I make out from all the noise someone saying “everything is going to be ok”

And all of a sudden I take a deep breath and as I breathe in a little bit of peace, I breathe out all of the tension and fog and mess and the repetition and the cycle of hell that my body just experienced

And I realize

Everything might be ok

And after a few moments

I can breathe again

And after a few moments, I wipe the tears from my eyes and stand up

And after a few moments

I’m ok
Madisen Kuhn Oct 5
where were you when the tree branches
were scraping against my window
when i was staring at the cul-de-sac
clutching the landline to my chest
one time i thought i saw a bear
in the woods across from the bus stop
but it turned out to be a pile of brush
you know i still see things in the dark
the other night i woke up from a bad dream
and saw teeth that weren’t there
i managed to blink them away but
there are some things that i can’t
like the shadow in the doorway that visits
every night and the open hand i am doing
everything not to grab
it pretends that it needs me but really
all i needed was yours
David J Oct 5
I used to fear what I could be some day
How I was always locking emotions away
My world view turning darker than gray

Yet, while my heart was encaged
My soul was enraged

Revolted by the world I seen
My spirit raged, fierce and mean
Deserving of judgement, we the unclean

I took everything I had not to Intervene
A dangerous combo. Im glad I was more cold than bold. But honestly I try not to let myself think about us humans I get very upset. I hate the way it feels. That mournful anger
Troy Oct 4
Thoughts spiraling
Causing tears to fall
Does he want me
Or is it all a facade

Little to no communication
Rarely seeing each other
Hiding things I give him
Spending more time with her than me

These actions speak volumes
And it causes me to wonder
Does he even love me
Does he even want me

Everyday I fight against these thoughts
But the longer this goes on
The more I feel it to be true
And the more heartbroken I become

I’m starting to question
If I should build up walls
Block off my heart again
So it doesn’t hurt as much

But no matter what I do
I can’t seem to shake these thoughts
Thoughts of pain and torture
Wishing for someone to shine a light

I swore to myself
I would never be in this spot again
But here I am again
Prepared to have my heart trampled

I’m honestly ready to snap
Needing to talk with him
But it has to be in person
Because I honestly fear his answer

It will be so much easier
To seal myself away
While he’s standing there in front of me
Than if it were over call or text

I can hide my pain
Not let myself collapse
If what I honestly fear
Is the actual truth

My feelings are never wrong
Which just makes matters worse
I lay there and cry
On countless days and nights

Hoping that he’ll talk to me
Hoping it’s not true
Hoping that he loves me
Hoping he chooses me

Because if this continues
The way it’s going
I will end up losing
My will to even try
Spelz Oct 3
It wasn’t that he drank of her that bothered him,
But that he drank so deeply.
Knowing “Full Well” the glass belonged to another.

That he was human and that he fell to a more savage instinct. That night he understood his humanity and it scared him.

As she lay in his arms he could feel her savoring the last moments of elation. But there was a distant sadness.

It was as though she knew what she’d return to. And that scared her.
Allesha Eman Oct 3
I’ve placed myself in debt
From borrowing the past
And now my headspace is always unclear
Regrets tied around my wrists
And the future, always slipping from my grasp
Runs ahead
Holding signs too far for me to read
Part 3 of Nostalgia: A Poetic Series
Brumous Oct 2
we follow with blindfolded eyes,
fearing our fears,

a breathless sigh.
Moonboy Sep 28
It was like only yesterday  
you were able to hold me

but sadly now I am just a grown
teen, not a baby

It's a very scary feeling when u know
the biggest support could just disappear
and without you knowing

I can't stop thinking about it all

What if you are gone now I didn't get to say
goodbye let alone see me get married

NOO! grandkids no family I wish so much you
could be around but this feel this thing, I think

Are time maybe be up

It's just enough I can handle all this
bad new could the lord stop this pain inside

Cause it's hurting to now the out
come, with zero power to

Stop it, cause I just feel worthless
I can't lose my grama
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