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Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
It seems, not mutual
It was, just me

Save me, from myself
Theme: When, everything matter.
Mark Parker Jan 2018
Words spoken are breathed to life,
but then burnt up in a fiery blaze,
instead I carve it with a putty knife,
but still it never catches a single gaze.

I write it on the walls and bright screens,
hoping it will gain an audience's favor,
without a care they drop what it means,
each one imagining a different flavor.

Aggressively I pushed to bring change,
without a cause behind each sound,
while shoving myself through each exchange,
I found myself circularly round.
money speaks in an accent
few can quite

there's a certain inflection on
the cash forked out by
a hand

a tongue knowing
how to enunciate
will garner favors
which nicely inflate

the dialect is foreign
and of an unusual
those having an ear for it
receive a likeable

talking quids requires
a most refined voice
where the buyer has an
*unfair advantage of choice
Chase Graham Sep 2017
A favor I didn't ask for.
But you did it anyway.
You made me feel
like a different person
and when our connection
pulls apart
and love fades away
who will we be then.
Ken May 2017
We were chasing the sun from dusk to dawn
We never bothered to look back
We basked in the beauty of the moonlit sky
We did not mind the cold

I'll be honest with you
I'm too tired to run
And I need sleep to rest
So it might be selfish to ask

But can you stop running? turn around
Look back to me
Can you lie beside me? close your eyes
Ease me from the cold

I got your back whenever, whereever
Even when it hurts, I'll endure
I just need a moment with you
A moment to appreciate each other
Because Im always here but you never realized
I want to be in favour
Like a cranberry in a liquor
Like the Moon in a starry night
Like a candle when there's no light

I want to be in favour
Of someone that I am prefer
Of someone who grew a pair of wings
Flew away while I was here singing

Singing about a city of stars
Singing to the distance, too far
Although waiting sounds so lame
I just don't know who else's name

I want to be in favour
Not to be loved, that's for sure
Not to hold hands, not to see eyes
But I can't help, you're in my favour
Let my love explore new horizons together
Let us control wild passions to overcome trap
Let our own ingenuity of love be in favor
Let be the winners to wear with dignity the cap

Our pure sentiments will give us edge over all
We have to be passionate to bear and taste fruit
Love and beauty are always on call and recall
They opt for them whatever but properly suit

My beloved I desire you I aspire you but to glow
You just take care of me and I will look after you
This will be the love and beauty's awesome show
Let me kiss you, to hold you tight thru and thru

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Saigen Embrace Dec 2016
I loved the way you talked,
I loved the way you smiled,
And all those smileys you sent.

Funny the way I chuckled,
Over silly things that never mattered,
The days were lively cause of those messages you sent.

Whether your busy or your depressed,
You will get through it and I will be impressed,
It matters not for what people think, cause your life is your’s spent.

Just remember my friend when your having a bad day,
You can lash out on me and let your steam go away,
Whatever you say however you behave am never bent.

Every time your lost I’ll find you,
Every time your sad I’ll bring a smile to you,
Cause whatever happens am always here for you Cause that is what Best Friends do…
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I'm the Giver!
I'm the Safer!
I'm the Secret Keeper!
I'm the Peace Maker!
And she stood there...turning her eyes away from me...
And she Stood there...away from her car and her body refuses to leave...
And she stood there...covering her body with her gentle hands in shyness...
She...Asked.... "Can I ask you for something!"!!
With A smile...With a trembling Heart...With I said "I will give that Hug" that I hold it back hours ago!!...
Throwing herself into my arms, and hiding her face out of shyness...
She threw herself, saying in silence "I want to feel safe!"!...
She threw herself, clinging strongly to my chest as if she is saying..." Don't Disappear!"...
She.....didn't know before she asked...
                                All her prayers were answered!!!!
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