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Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Is the moon not hung right tonight?
Can you not just help make me the world bright.
Oh no it is not bright.
Too much not to take a life.

The victim is not right.
After all heat of day.
All the others went away.
You were the one who stayed.

Help me in this fight.
Because the odds are not in my favor.
Is this alright.
The kind that cures wild behavior.

I need to have a little time to get adjusted.
Because the doors open.
Then the bolts are busted.
At risk, for a heart I am hoping.

Just give me time.
Time to not waste and throw away.
In myself just what I find.
Now on the ground I lay.

The victim of another day.
Can not throw it all away.
Soon maybe I will see.
Forever a victim I cannot be.
B Elizabeth G Jul 2018
I think my love button is broken...

Someone came along,
Ripped it out of place,
Turned it around, upside down
Snapped off my "give a ****",
And shoved it back where they found it.

Now sparks fly...
And not the good kind.
Now crackles, and pops, and buzzing
Wreak through the torn seams

Pretty sure the **** thing
Is ****** up sideways.

I think my love button is broken...
Keren Jun 2016
Tick tok tickles the clock
Cricket sound was reverberating in my mind
I can feel my soul being soaked
In my own sweat
This gives me such collywobbles
Im still putting my feelings into words
Yet Im torn between sending or keeping it
What will I do?
"****, Im gonna send this",
I finally utter.
"I have a deep regard for you."
Sent 11:48pm
I broke into tears because of this nervousness in me.
I let a deep sigh out.
Seen 11:50pm was all I can see on the screen
No typing.
No reply.
Im really laughing while making this for like 5mins. Haha
Jade Mar 2016
beautiful mix of words
from the songs that call
to my soul
out on the landing
that friend i forgot to send home
taught me how
i could save a life
but it was too late to apologize
cold and ashamed,
i lay naked on the floor
i was calling you at 3 a.m.
i just wanted to hear your voice
to tell you that
when i'm gone you should carry on
when i cried you wiped away all of my tears
i'll never be able to thank you enough
and i will never surrender
PoETE Poet-Pete May 2015
Support and structure, were at one point ideal, but now as days fly by the ******* is all real, I'm a solo soldier, with a very lonely soul, my mind has  exploded, and every second I suffer the toll, I'm in it alone, like it's been since birth, hard to hold a value to self, when you have never felt self worth, as I walk and witness, I witness and walk, the more that I witness, the less that I talk.
......... but mostly I'm confused, I've been confused since my first Dream.

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
Bruna Werneck May 2014
I can scream out
I could be better
however, among so many people
it does not matter

it is late, people sleep
it is early, people die
least I

I will be arrested  
urban tourist
modern heroine
chasing the dragon
without my Baudelaire

somebody call nine one one
it is St. John's day, but I have seen no mercy
Joan of Arc was burnt
Judas was hung
John Doe is done

(is it fair to name the symbol of
civilization after its revolutionary blood?)

modern life
is the most organized riot
that I have ever seen

green hair turns black
my turtle is gone
it is so much information
it is too much destruction
with no appreciation

bring our strength
scream my name
it is not a crime
to live in pain

(and even if it was
I would still believe
in what we became)

— The End —