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Kimberly Jun 5
I felt my head explode
In between one blink and the next
I heard a bomb go off in my chest
In the same second I exhaled a breath
I recounted every awful inch of flaw
By the time it took for my hair to be tucked
I smiled and answered back to you
While I cringed inwardly at a passing memory
The truth is I am so exhausted
The train in my brain is stuck in a loop
I am a passenger trapped
Desperately praying for a station
Where I can get off and this can ******* stop.
I’m fine but can I just sleep?
Kimberly May 3
I think I may have been cursed
To hold you up in a pedestal
Inlaid with silver and gold
Sharp and blinding and beautiful
I think I may have forced myself
To fix my eyes on you
That when I dare to look away
I only see black and gray
You are becoming more perfect
In the widening gap between us
I think I may have been cursed
To be the human to your sun
I am so in love with the idea of this person in my head.
Kimberly Apr 21
She painted her walls
The brightest of yellows
That when she opened her eyes
She would feel some warmth
Instead of being so hollow
She wanted to paint some more
The purest of blues
Even a touch of verdigris
High up on the ceiling
In awnings and moldings
But she came home with nothing
When she couldn’t quite buy
The kind of blue in the sky
One day she looked up
To cracks of blue between the clouds
In every widening crack
Is somebody holding a paintbrush
They would paint and paint
Until every blue is used up
She wanted so much
She wanted with all of her heart
For some spilled paint she could catch
When her tears cleared
She saw someone floating down
He landed without a sound
He did not offer her some spilled paint
But in his paint stained fingers he held
A piece of the sky
She grinned and looked up
For he had missed a spot.
Kimberly Apr 8
Sadness is a river
We followed its course
Most times we floated in boats
Expertly handling the oars
In brighter banks we were calm
Almost putting our paddles down
We may sit still
We were moving, still
Small ripples only grow
Waves and waves of water flow
Along this river coursing
We dreamed of drowning
As we dream
We tightened our hold
And paddled and paddled.
May we never drown.
Kimberly Feb 14
I captured this wispy thing
And it slipped through my fingers
It glowed gold and was gone
Until a silvery streak of light it’s become
With a jar in hand I stalked
To attack, I suppose
I traipsed in the dark
It slipped slowly out of sight
Now my hands are blue
I miss the warmth
But it’s selfish, I know
To lock something away
Just because it’s beautiful
And it takes away the cold.
Kimberly Feb 12
Do me a favor
Can you come find me
The way the sea finds the shore
In ways I found
The hues of blues in the sky
Have no reflections on the ground
Or in certain times
I find peace in slivers of light
Filtering through windows at midnight
Will you seek me out
Even as I hide in layers
Under my own smiles
Do me a favor
Will you come running
Even as I run away
I’ll be extending my arms
I’ll be running backwards
Looking at you
I’ll tell you to stop chasing
But do me a favor
Don’t listen
The greatest love story
Is when I started asking favors
When I started writing letters
Addressed to me
Kimberly Jan 28
I want you to read me
like a favorite character
you know so well
I want all my thoughts
laid bare
every little aching bit
my soul explored
analyzed meticulously in parts
go on, read a novel of me
and whisper in my ear
the whole story
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